SMH! Olivia Dope, Former Podcast Employee, Accuses Joe Budden Of Being A Sexually Harassing Slime Ball

#MeToo SMH!

Olivia Dope, a Brooklyn-based DJ and former employee of the Joe Budden Podcast network is putting her former boss, Joe Budden, on blast for allegedly sexually harassing her. Dope alleges the harassment occurred while she was employed by his podcast network earlier this year, and says his advances were even recorded while they worked.

In a 26-minute video shared to her Instagram account, Olivia claims most of the inappropriate things Joe said were later edited out, describing herself mortified as Joe allegedly suggested they should “f*ck.,” and allegedly making suggestions about her clothing being sexy. Olivia says she and Joe were not even familiar with each other at that time and was thrown off by his suggestions. In the clip, Olivia described time stamps from the actual podcast where the alleged harassment took place before it was seemingly scrapped from the internet.

13:48 : Joe calls me out by saying I never reached out to him privately or personally.

This information is important because it proves my lack of familiarity with this person and that is what makes everything that transpired after that so uncomfortable. Even though I tried my best to laugh through it, to not dampen the mood while we were recording.

14:34: There’s an editing in the recording because Joe says him and I should speak more because he ‘been wanted to f*ck me since we’ve met.’

Everyone in the studio laugh uncomfortably while one of my co-hosts confirmed that to be true. I am mortified by this revelation not only because it was done in front of the entire production staff but it was done while we were recording audio as well as visual. That scene was cut out and it jumps to Joe repeating we should speak more because we have the least dialogue.

19:26: Another edit happens because Joe makes another suggestion to having sex with me. What is shown right after that is me closing my eyes, saying no and then he says ‘Never mind.’

21:30: Joe tells me to ‘hit a button, b*tch’ because I didn’t hit a sound effect fast enough.

24:54: Joe makes a comment that I am throwing my singleness in his face. And he thought we were going to be a network power couple.

Once again, I’m trying to laugh all of this off. I reply by saying, ‘Sorry Joe, we’re not.’

25:42: I make a comment about relationships in general. Joe makes a comment that the shirt that I’m wearing isn’t buttoned like I’m single. I pause, cover my chest with my hand and try to continue the conversation.

31:42-35: Joe makes me feel like I’m in a hostile work environment by letting my cohosts know that I am carrying the group because they don’t dress sexy enough.

Not only am I embarrassed for myself in being objectified but also you’re making other women that I have to work with on a regular basis uncomfortable by telling them they don’t dress sexy enough.

I pretty much react by looking away and looking down in discomfort. He has actually said this in the past and it created a passive-aggressive and competitive environment within myself and my former co-hosts, where she admittedly attempted to shut down every idea I brought to the table because it wasn’t well-received by Joe and Ian, his business partner.

Joe has a long history with women claiming he’s been outwardly toxic and abusive. What do YOU think of these new allegations?

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