The Best Leather Conditioners That’ll Bring Your Worn Out Handbag Back to Life

When you purchase anything made out of leather, you’re pretty much signing a life agreement to tend to a very precious piece of fabric. Its material is very sensitive and honestly doesn’t age very well if it’s not taken care of correctly. I mean, you and I both know that you probs dropped a good amount of dollar bills for your leather bag, jacket, or shoes—with that said, a high price tag comes with some maintenance. I don’t make the rules! So, if your high-quality leather item needs some dire TLC, I’ve come to the rescue and gathered the best leather conditioner that’ll bring your treasure back to life.

A lil lesson on leather conditioners if this is your first time ever hearing about them: Its purpose is to revive, restore, and protect. Whether it’s made of a thick, waxy formula or it’s a slick oil, all you gotta do is massage it onto your item, let it sit for a good amount of time (some may take longer to work in than others), and the job’s done! Much easier than taking care of a plant, IMO.

Go on and be a responsible leather parent and shop the 10 best leather conditioners that are on the market right now. That cracked and tattered handbag or coat of yours that you purchased ages ago is about to get a major glow up.

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this fan-fave

Leather Conditioner

This one is considered a number one bestseller on Amazon, so you know it’s the good stuff. It truly checks all the boxes: It’s non-toxic, water repellant, and odorless.


this really inexpensive one

All Leather Conditioner

With almost 3,000 glowing reviews and a four and a half-star rating, Lexol’s conditioner is a go-to for any kind of product made out of leather: clothes, bags, furniture, you name it! The best part though has to be its less-than-$10 price tag.


this all-natural pick

Leather Conditioner

Made with all-natural ingredients, Cuyana’s conditioner is rich and leaves leather with a gorgeous shine after use. Can we also talk about how sleek and chic this packaging is?!


this wax-free option

Leather Conditioner

kate spade


If you’re in need of a conditioner that’ll not only protect your leather goods, but also your patent and vinyl pieces, then you should go for Kate Spade’s version. Its wax-free formula will enhance the natural luster of your bag, jacket, or shoe, and it’ll leave a stunning satin finish. 

Sof Sole


Choose this oil if you want to make sure your leather item is very much waterproof. Spreading this on will create a barrier that’ll protect the material by preventing water, salt, and perspiration stains. 


this luxe pick

Leather Salve

Made Leather Co.


Your leather won’t go through any wear and tear with Made Leather Co.’s handmade Leather Salve lathered on. The semi-thick wax conditioner curated from clean ingredients will provide extra, durable protection. You can easily apply it with your hand or a cloth.


this two-in-one set

Leather Product Care Set

Get a package deal with Coach’s leather care set. The box includes the company’s leather cleaner and moisturizer which will preserve any type of leather, but specially made for your Coach products in mind.


this one made for designer items

Leather Lotion Cleaner and Conditioner

Your designer leather is in good hands with Cadillac’s select *premium* leather lotion. You won’t have to worry about cracking or water spots on your belongings when you have this coated on them.


this milk formula

Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk

Spread this magic milk onto your treasured handbags or even your semi-worn out car seats and watch it turn good-as-new!


this family recipe

Blackrock Leather-n-Rich

Odin Leather Goods


Blackrock Leather-n-Rich’s secret conditioner recipe was created over 40 years ago and is still made by the same family. Their unique concoction will give your aged leather much-needed nourishment and restore any lost moisture.

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