The Sexiest Movies You Can Stream on Hulu Right Now

Good news: If you’re looking for something super sexy to watch on Hulu right now, you’ve come to the right place. It’s likely you’ve already gone through the sexiest scenes on Netflix, binged shows like Sex/Life and Bridgerton, and maybe even took a scroll through some female-friendly porn sites. But if I had to guess, I’d say you’re probably ready for some other options—which brings me to Hulu.

Hulu is great because, similarly to other streaming services, it has a little bit of everything. In addition to the amazing original series like Handmaid’s Tale and Shrill, Hulu houses a solid collection of movies that will for sure get you in the mood too. I’m talking like super NSFW sex scenes, nude bodies, all of it.

Plus, there’s a lil bit of something for everyone. They have movies that highlight LGBTQ+ couples, rock stars, and sex workers. (The lineup of sexy Hulu movies really doesn’t get any better than this.)

So go ahead and get comfortable. Grab your preferred choice of beverage, a snack, and maybe even this highly-rated sex toy for women. (Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to masturbate to these scenes—one Cosmo writer even masturbated to all the hottest Netflix scenes and it was a serious success.)

Just remember that these are not the movies you’ll want to watch with your parents on a random Saturday night, friends. You’ve been warned.

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The World to Come

Set in 1856, Abigail (Katherine Waterston) and Tallie (Vanessa Kirby), two married women, become close friends–and much more as they try to survive winter together. Sadly, after several rendezvous, one of the women’s husbands notices what’s going on between the two and vows to separate them forever.

The Hottest Part:

Abigail and Tallie’s first kiss. The two press their foreheads together, and by the end, Abigail grabs onto Tallie and the two women just kiss like we’d all want to be kissed.


Liz in September

In a stunningly beautiful movie based on the classic Last Summer at Bluefish Cove play, terminally-ill Liz (Patricia Velasquez) visits a retreat with her friends when they encounter Eva (Eloísa Maturén) whose car has broken down. Liz, who is a known womanizer, is dared by her friends to seduce her. However, after thinking she’s lost Eva to her husband, the tables quickly turn and the two women begin a steamy relationship.

The Hottest Part:

Of course, despite being filled with plenty of sex scenes, the hottest one is between Eva and Liz, who make love for the first time after Eva leaves her husband for the other woman. The scene is actually quite sweet and sensual as they lay in bed, kissing, while surrounded by white bed sheets and white curtains blowing in the wind.


A Perfect Ending

Rebecca (Barbara Niven), a Stepford wife with three children, discovers she is terminally ill and decides to seek the help of lesbian escor Paris (Jessica Clark) to finally achieve an orgasm during sex, as her husband has never been able to satisfy. The two women, of course, develop a strong bond before **spoiler alert** Rebecca passes away.

The Hottest Part:

After reserved-and-almost-virginal Rebecca first gets a taste of Paris, the two women meet up consistently to hook up and chat about life. But when Paris sets foot inside their usual hotel room, and Rebecca yanks her inside and pushes her against a wall to strip her naked, it’s by far the hottest moment.


Bohemian Rhapsody

I’m positive that you’ve seen Bohemian Rhapsody at this point because come on, Rami Malek in skintight pants impersonating Freddie Mercury? Does it get any better than that? Despite this being a biopic of the man and the legend, it’s filled with some of the hottest and steamy makeout sessions and sex scenes.

The Hottest Part:

Call me corny but I think the hottest scene is between Freddie and his lifetime partner Jim Hutton when they first meet. After a massive party, Freddie confesses to Jim about his depression, his loneliness, and his demons. The two end up kissing passionately and honestly, nothing hotter than the first kiss of a true love.


Elena Undone

Elena (Necar Zadegan) is a preacher’s wife who suddenly finds herself with a massive crush on lesbian author, Peyton (Thunderbird Dinwiddie). After denying their feelings for each other, Elena pushes for a relationship—more like an affair— with Peyton, and things get messy to say the least.

The Hottest Part:

When Elena asks Peyton to make love to her for the first time, I just about died. Peyton, who is still reserved about their affair, tells her: “Once we go there, there’s no going back” and in the words of a woman who knows what she wants, Elena tells her “I don’t want to go back.”



This adorable and sexy coming-of-age movie focuses on a new couple who goes through the typical rollercoaster of a relationship. After meeting on the subway, Ayanna (Zora Howard) and Isaiah (Joshua Boone) spend the rest of their summer in new love bliss but things suddenly go downhill for them as she gets ready to leave for college and discover what she can offer the world as a writer.

The Hottest Part:

I wished that as a 17-year-old I was having the type of sex that Ayanna was having with Isaiah. The gripping of the bed sheets, the head rolling backwards, the steamy shower sex. Porn could never.


Two of Us

The Notebook has nothing on this amazingly beautiful movie about a lesbian couple who are separated by fear, stigma, and health issues. Nina (Barbara Sukowa) and Madeleine (Martine Chevallier) have been lovers for over 20 years but sadly, Madeleine has kept it from her children, whom she knows will judge her. After she then suffers a stroke that impedes her from speaking ever again, Nina decides to confess to her kids that she’s her one true love. Sadly, things go downhill after that.

The Hottest Part:

Nina and Madeleine prove that sex only gets better with age and the two women are as passionate with each other as 20-somethings. At the beginning of the movie, the two spend their mornings together, making love against door frames and every corner they can think of.



Okay, so this movie is very different from the rest of the ones in this list but hear me out. Basically, ex-con Corky (Gina Gershon) and her lover Violet (Jennifer Tilly) come up with a plan to steal millions of dollars from the mob and pin it on Violet’s boyfriend Caesar.

The Hottest Part:

At the beginning of the movie, Corky makes sure to satisfy Violet like she had never been satisfied by her boyfriend. Their passion is so strong that Violet constantly begs Corky to kiss her.


Pit Stop

After his affair with a married man comes to an end, Gabe (Bill Heck) spends much of his time with his ex-wife and daughter as he struggles with the emotional loneliness that comes after a breakup. On the other hand, Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) just kicked out his live-in ex-boyfriend and spends much of his time visiting another ex-boyfriend. Gabe and Ernesto get together after first meeting on a dating app.

The Hottest Part:

Maybe it’s just me but the emotional connection that Ernesto and Gabe develop is simply exquisite.


The Escort

After losing his job at a newspaper, a sex-addicted journalist (Michael Doneger) dives into the world of escorts to land his next big story. He particularly shadows Natalie (Lyndsey Fonseca) who takes him for a wild ride as she humiliates men for money. Of course, the two end up falling in love and have plenty of steamy sex.

The Hottest Part:

Honestly, any of the scenes where Michael’s character makes women feel on top of the world is just simply hot.

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