This Just In: You’re More Likely Than Ever to Be with an Uncircumcised Partner

While circumcision used to be the norm in the U.S., it has, pardon the pun, been slowly pulling back. From 1979 to 2010, rates dropped from 65 to 58 percent, per the CDC.

There are so many reasons the procedure—which may be guided by religious, cultural, or medical influences and involves using a scalpel to remove the foreskin covering the tip of the penis—could be losing popularity. A potentially surprising one: money, says Daniel Solomon, MD, a pediatric general surgeon and assistant professor at Yale School of Medicine. Depending on where you live, circumcision could cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars if it’s not covered by insurance, and some of the biggest drops in the procedure happen when it’s no longer covered by Medicaid. (In states like this,
rates can fall by as much as 20 percent.)

And now, presented entirely without judgment, a look at how circumcision is happening—or not happening—around the country.

Okay, so let’s also talk about the sex

What you can expect when getting it on with an uncircumcised partner

1. When an uncut penis is erect, the foreskin slides back, making…all boners look pretty much the same. So if the first time you see an uncircumcised penis is mid-hookup, you honestly might not even be able to tell.

2. If the foreskin doesn’t retract on its own when your partner gets an erection, you or they may need to pull it back (gently!) before putting on a condom.

3. Some women say that they get more clitoral stimulation during sex when their partner’s foreskin is bunched up just below the tip of the penis.

4. And some circumcised people might be more sensitive during sex than uncircumcised people.


Oh, and PSA

Seeing an uncut penis for the first time? The best thing you can say is…probably nothing.
Imagine how you’d feel if someone reacted with surprise to your genitalia when they first saw it, you know? Same rules apply here.

Also kinda interesting: Circumcision rates are lower in big-city hospitals than in smaller hospitals

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