Your Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for July

Add these dates to your GCal:

  • Friday, July 9: New Moon in Cancer
  • Thursday, July 22: Sun enters Leo
  • Friday, July 23: Full Moon in Aquarius
  • Wednesday, July 28: Jupiter Retrograde enters Aquarius

    Wow, what a whirlwind. Between back-to-back eclipses and exhausting retrogrades, the past month really shook things up in a major way. And as the dust begins to settle, you’re beginning to look at your schedule from a different perspective. Is your routine really sustainable, or are you edging on yet another burnout? On July 9, a New Moon in Cancer will encourage you to take an honest look at your day-to-day realities. How are you spending your time, Aquarius babe? Have you become so engrossed in realistic responsibilities that you’ve forgotten how to dream? If so, be sure to adjust your calendar so that it’s supporting your passions. After all, why settle for normal when you can be fabulous? Your time is precious—make sure you’re not wasting even a second!

    Leo season begins on July 22 as the Sun shifts into this vivacious fire sign. Leo is your opposite sign, and therefore, solar motion through this domain activates your partnership zone, encouraging you to think in “we.” Yes, you’re extremely independent, Aquarius, but even lone wolves must link up with others every now and then! Over the next few weeks, consider what it means for you to open your heart to a “plus-one.” What does it mean for you to align with a cosmic companion? Don’t be afraid to surprise yourself, Aquarius! You may enjoy the company more than you could even imagine!

    On July 23, a Full Moon in Aquarius lights up the night sky. This is major for you—not only because the lunation is activating your own zodiac sign, but also because there will be yet another Full Moon in Aquarius next month, on August 22! This Full Moon will occur in two acts, enabling you to deep dive into personal identity in new and exciting ways. You’re one of the most innovative signs of the zodiac, you’ll often be months—if not years—ahead of the curve. Simply put, don’t wait for others to take action. When in doubt, lead by example.

    Finally, the month concludes with Jupiter (the planet of expansion) cruising back into your zodiac sign. After a short jaunt through Pisces, abundant Jupiter will be camping out in your own astrological domain until December 28. Indeed, the rest of 2021 is going to be all about your personal evolution. What does that mean? Anything is possible! Jupiter wants you to live your best life, and with this abundant planet on your side, the sky’s the limit! Every single dimension of your reality is up for renegotiation, so don’t be afraid to make big, bold moves that ignite personal passion. Enjoy the ride!

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