Your Horoscope for the Week Ahead

Taurus season is here and it’s  sensual spring flowers—fertile and fecund. Take time to earth into your body through delighting all five senses. Dig a garden, plant, walk in the park. Try out slow food, and make life choices that create harmony and release tension from your body.  Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of April 18 through to April 24, 2021.


The spotlight is on your moneymaker, what you do for work, and how you do it, as opposed to where. Take stock of your raw resources, talent, and what you bring to the job versus what you bought to the interview. Do you realize the value of what you have and utilize it when possible? When something comes easily, we don’t value it as much as we do something more challenging to master or gain—this week, value what you have and find ways to capitalize on what you already have. 

April 20–May 20


Happy birthday Taurus, your season kicks off the week. Find the beauty in mid-spring and see how your sign is reflected in the abundance of life, fertility, and special beauty of this time. The qualities spring is known and loved for are the same you possess, so enjoy the golden halo you’re rocking. Be true to yourself and your path, make decisions based on gratitude for all you have and what you’re accepting into your life, then head in that direction. Be that person now. 

May 21–June 21


It’s officially your month of R&R. Soothe your nervous system, slow down with as much time out as you need to nourish your energy and psyche. Quiet your mind, contemplate and savor ideas, and tune into your inner intelligence. Note synchronicities; keep a dream journal, even if it’s a one-month immersion or trial. Handball questions, queries or hard-to-crack challenges over to your subconcious by asking the question then listening for downloads from less orthodox channels. 

June 22–July 22


Give some love to your enduring friendships, be prepared to do something new, or be pleasantly surprised by out-of-the-box concepts. If you’re open to new ideas, people, or ways of relating, you’ll flow more easily than if they challenge your status quo. Approach with curiosity and remember to exercise detachment if you don’t precisely identify with something or someone; it takes all colors to make a rainbow, so stand secure in yours while others fly their flag too. 

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