Heavy artificial rains are caused in the United Arab Emirates

A heat wave of almost 50 degrees is controlled with a new technology that causes artificial rain.

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Heavy artificial rains were caused in several regions of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the middle of a heat wave that almost reached 50 degrees of temperature, last Wednesday and Thursday.

The National Center of Meteorology to emiratí operations carried out cloud seeding to increase rainfall, explained the middle Gulf News . First, they issued weather alerts for the east of the country for the possibility of convective cloud formations .

This type of convective cloud is characterized by causing precipitation and winds with speeds of 40 km / h that cause displacement of dust and sand . They are formed due to high temperatures that cause the warm and humid air to rise from the colder surrounding air in the atmosphere.

Rain-inducing technology in the United Arab Emirates has proven drones that can cause rain by applying electric shocks to clouds without the need for chemicals.

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