Meet Tobi Adebomi: Sports Agent Making Elite Sports Therapy More Accessible

Investment in recovery by famous athletes such as Lebron James and Tom Brady has garnered a lot of attention in recent years as they have been able to stay at the top of their sport much longer than was previously expected. Whilst some of these treatments and recovery techniques were historically reserved for professionals, we are now seeing them being adopted by amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This has led to an increase in new clinics opening up offering these services in a more accessible way. One entrepreneur who has recently set up a Sports, Cryotherapy, and Health & Beauty clinic Renuvenate is Tobi Adebomi.

Early Beginnings 

Adebomi grew up in South East London and had a great childhood with his main interests being sports and business. Upon finishing school he went to university to study business. Having an entrepreneurial itch and wanting to start something he came across the leisure activity Zorbing which was featured on TV show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. He hadn’t come across it and noticed there were very few places doing it in London despite it being popular in other places around the world. He presented the idea to his university who was offering grants to students who had good business ideas and got a £3k grant which he combined with some savings to set up a business offering Zorbing in London. The business took a lot of work and research during his final year at university however, at the peak he managed to get over 40 Zorbing balls offering the activity in various cities across the U.K.

After some time he decided to wind down the business as other priorities took over. Tobi then went on to work in a few different full-time jobs which included a sales role as well as being a teacher. Whilst doing these roles he still had the entrepreneurial itch and knew that he wanted to start a business further down the line. Outside of his job he spent a significant amount of time taking his younger brother, who is an aspiring footballer, around the U.K. to matches. Traveling around the U.K. and interacting with agents re-ignited his love for sport and he decided he would take a look at becoming a football agent. He spent some time shadowing agents and scouts initially who he reached out to and then started getting his own clients, many of whom have now gone on to gain professional contracts. 

However, whilst this was going well when the COVID-19 pandemic took over and team sporting activity was banned he needed something to do. He remembered taking his younger brother or other junior footballers he represented to do cryotherapy treatments. He’d naturally understood the importance of recovery for aspiring professional athletes but doing more research realized it is a space that is becoming more and more accessible as people want to take care of their bodies. After researching how much it would cost and how feasible it was he decided he would use some savings and the time he had during lockdown to launch his own sports clinic within 12 months.

Launching Renuvenate

Setting up a clinic can be quite expensive so Adebomi was sensible, to begin with by offering treatments that were more accessible and he could get started with cheaper machines. Over time he received further training and started reinvesting profits to get more machines up until getting a full cryotherapy chamber installed in the clinic. The reception he has got so far has been great with not only some professional athletes coming to the area, particularly after we have seen team sports restart in the U.K. but he is also seeing a lot of fitness enthusiasts coming to the clinic.

He has big ambitions to scale out and open more clinics having hired a small team and continues to get more machines. Whilst his path to running a clinic and being a sports agent was not the clearest one Adebomi’s entrepreneurial nature, love for sports and business and unwillingness to settle has allowed him to find his passion before his 30th birthday.

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