South Korea becomes first country to force Apple and Google to accept alternative payment methods

The law known locally as “anti-Google” will prevent developers from being forced to use only the App Store and Google Play payment systems

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South Korea became the first country to force Google and Apple to accept alternative payment methods in their app stores.

According to Reuters , the Asian country’s parliament approved on Tuesday, August 31, a bill that will prohibit both companies from “obliging software developers to use their payment systems, effectively preventing them from charging commissions for in-app purchases. ”.

The Telecommunications Business Act known locally as “anti-Google law” will prevent developers from being forced to use only the App Store and Google Play payment systems, where these companies charge commissions of up to 30 percent.

Google explained to the news agency that its app store “offers much more than payment processing, and that the fee for its services helps keep Android free.” In this way, developers can access millions of consumers around the world.

For their part, Apple spokesmen told Reuters that they believe that the trust of users of their store will decrease as a result of this proposal, which will generate fewer opportunities for developers registered in the Asian country.

Recently, the company with the bitten apple announced that it would test other payment methods for small developers, which will allow them to get in touch with users and offer them other ways to purchase their products.

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