If you look at the previous chart (linked) you will see this should match close to that chart. I deleted that chart, however I will add it again and clean up the forecast so that it better matches the crazy $10K ups and downs we are seeing. This is the same thing as JANUARY – MARCH of this year.

I know where the price is going. It’s a matter of fine tuning everything for accuracy. Speaking on this topic. . . I am using multiple key indicators and working on an RSI Algo based Signal Script.

The plan is to create an established set of “tools” that can be utilized along with a unique methodology and traditional trading techniques. This would be manifest in the form of trading techniques via a course/support group and also the indicator and signal scripts. With an ultimate machine learning algo being developed for distribution.

I feel establishing a group of traders whom are dedicated to helping each other would be the best thing to do first. The way I think about it is this. . . Each little thing you do to improve your trading that adds a small marginal percentage to your trading accuracy. Then with many you slowly increase over time. Similar to having just 1-5% odds over the casino with counting black jack shoes.

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