1.35 and 1.65-.1.75 if for KRAKEN:XRPUSD by bibsz

On August 20th ; Break upside 1.35 would give us even more confirmation going to 1.50. More testing of 1.14 could happens before, especially that for the last 3 days demand has weakened moving toward 1.28. But a break under 1.22 showing important supply would need to happens to show us confirmation of it.
—> NOW that the retracement to 1.14-.1.15 happened, what could be next.

Expecting a move upward to 1.75 and not considering any serious sell unless break under 1.02-.1. 05 on heavy supply. Could have a retracement to 1. 05 before anything and if I would see light supply when testing the area I could look for a buy position with a secure tp around 1.35 and higher only if a break that zone would happens on important signs of strength.

Idea gonna be updated as price moves.


On the retracement of the HH that was made to 1.80, there’s light supply that happened at the touch of 1.50.


As for the weekly we can see that on the week of the 9th that price closed at the 1.35 area with a bullish engulfing on heavy demand. Then the following week testing the 1. 05 area showing light supply with a wicking of the area, and the same is happening this week.


Re-accumulation characteristic cycle between 1.10 and 1.30. Even when price drop rom 1.30 on important supply a tough stop in action happens at 1.10, for then pushing it upward again.

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