6E – Whom do you trust for OANDA:EURUSD by JRML115847

The European Union is setup for yet another series of Defaults.

After the Cypress Test, the Greek Crisis and Italy, France, Spain

and all members of this dysfunctional Union.

It can hardly be referred to as Economic as it remains the most

dysfunctional series of entanglements ever created.

Nationalism – is gaining traction once again, having failed miserably

to find harmony.

Incompatibility – Centuries of Mistrust has reemerged in varying forms.

Different Economies, Different Cultures, the twain has not met and nor

will it.

Merkel, a Former Communist turned “Social Democrat” failed to impose

her brand of Austerity upon other Members – The BIS asked her to exit

stage left.

The European Parliament has been side stepped since Day One. Useless

series of attempts to reign in their Sovereignty – Democracy failed within

the European Union.

A bureaucracy with no accountability – None. Perhaps the most wasteful

nascent form of insidious “Devil May Care” attitude in recorded History.

Structure – Glacial Policy implementations – Wandering Bishops unable to

preside over Crisis after Crisis. Lack of Unity , Decision process as Glacial

as Policy.

Absorption of Eastern Europe – Oil meet Water. Authoritarianism never goes

quietly into the night.

Convergence of Economic Interest – The wide ability to Tax and Spend.

Yeah, Naw it failed.

Germany – Unacceptable Dominatrix. Sieg Heil, Without the a Big Smile .

Cooperation was never intended, Members declined to be dominated by

their Mistress.

CONsensus – Yeah, Naw, Never happened.

Labor migration within the EU created immense arbitrage and Social Distrust.

Protectionism – Let those other Nations “Eat Cake” we’ll protect our own.

NATO vs. Russia – Protecting as Deals are being made… A waste of Money

which leaves the inability to pay, a non-issue. Peace preferred with

Mamayev Kurgan is recognized as far more effective, not to mention

the energy Indpendence.

OSFA – Again – Yeah, Naw as OzzyMan would suggest – One Size Does Not Fit All.

A dozen or more reasons the 6E is doomed to the dustbin of History.

LaGarde is quickly moving to provide a BIS Solution in the form of Digi _______

Fill in the blank, it certainly isn’t money.

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