Hey everyone, HONEYITSGONE with an analysis on AXS /USDT
*Spot prices may vary!
***Never execute a plan you found on the internet without doing your research***
*See the previous idea

We had plenty of time to take profit before the crash. Also, Perp stank bids filled. Unfortunately, spot orders did not fill.

We provide a bullish and bearish scenario.

MACD suggests intense sell pressure. However, selling pressure seems to weaken as we progress.
RSI is sitting below 50 is not the best look for a continuation to the upside. BB is beginning to expand, and significant moves are associated.

Bullish (Green squiggly line)

We can see a scenario where we flip resistance climb back into the parallel channel and to ATH . Bulls may consider accumulating long positions near the red lines and green boxes.

Bearish (Red squiggly line)

We can see a scenario where resistance rejects price near the parallel channel and a move downwards.

Note that if we move down or up, price action can flip directions at any point. Never go all in at one price. Spread your funds across all levels unless you are a professional. Use the proper risk/ reward scenario that best suits you. Take profit and raise/lower your S/L for-profit if possible.

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