Bitcoin ❤ Lovers have two scenarios for Bulls Honeymoon 🚀⚡😍 for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by official10xBulls

Yes, you guess it right there are two illustrated Honeymoon plans on the chart with your ‘Honey’ Crypto.

As you see the chart from the recent All-Time High from 64000 to the Last Swing High 18992 in December 2017 before Big Monster Bull Run started after the breakout in October 2020, now we have already retraced 78.6% at 28815 during this recent ‘Fatal Crash’ that means this is the Golden chance that Bulls can take the control of the Crypto party. How? Let’s see below Scenario 1

Scenario 1: 78.6% is the last resort for the retracement before the upcoming new Bull Run, possibilities are very high that if they break the upper range of 41K mentioned in the chart that will be the final confirmation for Scenario 1 Bulls Mission Successful.

In any situation this recent crash low 28815 gets broken in the near term future before closing above 41k to 42K in the Big Timeframe then doors are open for Scenario 2 shown in the chart.

Scenario 2: In this we have used the Fibonacci Range from Bitcoin Inception to the All-Time High 64000 and we got two important numbers plotted in the chart at
61.8% is at 24925

78.6% is at 14059 respectively.

Now, BITSTAMP:BTCUSD will take a U-Turn from these above two Fibonacci Level, there is no doubt unless there is no such bad news/development in Cryptos Space in the future during that period.

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