Bitcoin Analyze (Road Map)!!!🗺️ for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by pejman_zwin

Hi everyone, Today I want to talk about Bitcoin’s Road Map 🗺️ and find the end of this Beautiful Ralley.

First, I have to say sorry for the busy chart, but I suggest to you please spend some minutes on this post, probably useful (This is just my idea).

Bitcoin Analyze ( BTCUSDT ) Timeframe 8h

Location🌊: Bitcoin’s Correction has started at around 64200$. Bitcoin was able to pass the First Main wave of Correction (Main wave A) at 28805$. Wave A had 5 microwaves, so we have to wait for seeing ZigZag (5-3-5) Correction (I am believing that corrective structure hasn’t ended).

Now, We are on Main wave B, and Main wave B has to have 3 microwaves (A-B-C).

The first step: Finding the end of Main wave B.

I found the end of Microwaves A & B of Main wave B. microwave A and B of the Main wave B have 3 microwaves, so microwave C has to have 5 microwaves. The structure of Main Wave B will be Flat (3-3-5).

The Second Step: Finding the end of Microwave C of Main wave B (my Aim🎯).

Where is the end of Main Wave B?

1) Because we are on ZigZag Correction, Main wave B usually retraces between 38% – 79% of Main wave A (42575$-57140$) but We can limit this range by Guidelines.


If wave B is a running triangle, it will typically only retrace 10 – 40% of wave A= our Main wave B is Not running triangle⛔️

If wave B is any other sideways correction, it will typically 38% – 50% of wave A= The end of our Main wave B can be around this zone ✅ (42575$-46830$)

if wave B is a zigzag , it will typically retrace 50% – 79% of wave A= our Main wave B is Not ZigZag⛔️=== Structure of Main wave B is Flat, as result End of Main wave B can be around 49685$

2) as I said, microwave C has 5 microwaves, while microwave 1 of microwave C is extended.


If wave 1 is extended, then the size of wave 3 through to the end of wave 5 is often 61.8% – 78.6% (45470$-47684$) relative to the size of wave 1== 47684$ (Current Price)❗️== it can be the end of Main wave B ❗️

If wave 1 is extended, then wave 2 and 4 are very likely to be shallow (i.e. 23.6% – 38.2%)== This item has complied

If wave 1 is extended, then wave 2 will often end at the level of sub-wave 4 of 1 (i.e. the internal wave 4 of wave 1)== This item has complied

Also, microwave C of Main wave B is running on a Rising Wedge.

Result: we can find End of Main wave B from 47684$ until 49685$.

In addition, probably we can find the end of Main wave B at TRZ.

The end of Main wave C can be around 27113$ (Even).

Thanks for reading this post, I hope that is useful for all.🌹🙏

My Suggestion: if you have coins, you have to think about taking profit from them Soon/ if you don’t have coins, Don’t be FOMO, probably time will give you another chance 👍😉.

Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For every position you want to open).

Please follow your strategy, this is just my idea, and I will be glad to see your ideas in this post.

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