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Since the Stochastic RSI index has entered the overbuying section, you should check the position when it falls in the overbuying section.

If supported and raised at 21481.1-22471.5, it is expected to lead to further gains.

However, it is necessary to check if there are any deviations within the box section drawn on the chart.

The next volatility period is around July 16.

The vicinity of 21481.1 is the midpoint of the transverse section (15908.2-21481.1).

So, in order to continue the upward trend around 21481.1, you need a long horizontal swing up and down.

Therefore, there is a high possibility of psychological distress if the price rises without any countermeasures.

Therefore, it is recommended to make a transaction to increase profits or holdings by checking the supported sections when prices fall and then buying them and selling them when prices rise.

The current position is advantageous to buy from a mid- to long-term perspective.

This is because the position corresponds to the previous high point.

Therefore, it is better to leave revenue as a holding quantity than to proceed with short-term transactions and earn cash.

In order to start a full-fledged upward trend, it must rise above 29840.6.

1. Rising BTC prices, rising BTC .D, falling USD.D

– This is what happens when the BTC starts to take the lead in rising.

– So, most of the altcoins are either sideways or downward because the money is concentrated in the BTC .

– At this point, if the BTC price shows a slight swing in a section, the Altcoin is on the rise.

– In order for Altcoin to start rising, BTC price trends, BTC .D declines, and USDT.D declines must be indicated.

Section 12212.6-12932.3 on the US 100 CFD (Nasdaq) Futures Chart is an important support and resistance interval.

Therefore, it is important whether it can be raised by breaking the 12212.6-12932.3 section upward.

If it falls below 11371.9, it is expected to fall below 10472.7.

Institutional investors in the stock market are showing signs of being affected by the stock market as they enter the coin market.

However, when the coin market rises, it is expected to be decoupled with the stock market.

(1h chart)

** A short-term response is recommended, as sharp movements are likely to occur in the 1h chart.

an important point

– 22471.5

– 21481.1

– 20109.9-20564.2

– 18741.7

It is expected to indicate movement depending on whether it is supported or resisted at the critical points above.

However, the key is whether it can rise along the short-term upward trend line .


** All indicators are retrograde indicators.

So, it’s important to know that the indicators move along with the price and volume of the transaction.

However, for convenience, I’m talking upside down for interpretation of the indicators.

** The MRHAB-T indicator used in the chart is an indicator of our channel that has not been released yet.

** The OBV index was re-created by applying the formula to the Depth House Trading index released by Oh92. (Thank you.)

** Support or resistance is the closing price of the 1D chart.

** All explanations are for reference only and do not guarantee gains or losses in the investment.

(Short-term Stop Loss is a point where profit or loss can be preserved or additionally entered as a split transaction. It’s a short-term investment perspective.)


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