Bitcoin Counter Wickoff for BINANCE:BTCUSDTPERP by thecryer

Everything is in Graph. if you don’t know about Wickoff Strategy, i invite you to DYOR it.

– i will try to explain you how to counter Whales/institutionals as small retails investors

– of course this method can be adjusted with your portofolio, i just made it very simple to make peoples understand how to invest wisely.

– This Chart is based on the Money you don’t need for living!

– if you use this method correctly and adapt it to your portofolio, you will always restart a new cycle with more money.

– if you look at the chart closely, you will understand that i didn’t use higher points to take profits and keep always 10,000$ in Market, so this chart is based on human mistakes and not much greed.


– in this method we starts with 10,000$ invest as exemple.

– Take profits 2 Times, keep base investment in market ( because we don’t know the real potential Top ).


– The Second Phase is waiting for the Dip and buying back

– Re-inject Money 3 Times in the Dip and Wait for market recovery phase ( because we don’t know the real potential Bottom )


– if the bottom was a mistake and BTC fall down more.

– just invest slowly what you don’t need for living and be patient, BTC is fundamentally poised to go up.


– This method can be done with 10$ – 100$ – 1000$, no matter money because everything is based % invest and Time.

– Remember that your management is the most important, if you don’t manage your money correctly, Tears will come.

“You have to believe that you are the one who creates your success and also that you are the one who creates your mediocrity”.

Happy Tr4Ding !

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