How much money have you made lately while being a ‘ trader’ ??

Have you had the experience of beginning with trading and buying in to crypto not knowing what you were doing ??

But you made money and you thought wauuww this trading is easy, simple money.. And you really getting excited about trading. And you started to think you are really good at it.

And then BAM you once made a losing trade and your good feeling was gone..

And you promised yourself you were going to study the markets, and trying to learn everything about the markets, so you would learn to know when to exit and entry markets… So you would ‘ never’ lose again.

This is all logic and human. But you (I) started out of ‘ I will let the market see who is the strongest’ mindset and that my friend is a wrong attitude.

You see studying is great. I am a big believer in knowledge. But I came to conclusion that knowledge is only powerful when it is studied for the right purposes.

Look; The market is total neutral. It shows the open, high, low, close of the hours/days/weeks/months. That is the information..

But YOU interpret this information in a way your mindset is at that moment.. You give value to what you see on the chart. The market isn’t doing anything to you, YOU do.

When you want to become successful in trading you don’t need to learn more TECHNICAL ANALYSIS , ELLIOT WAVES etc.. NO you need MENTALITY ANALYSIS!!!!

Because the best TECHNICAL ANALYSTS can be the worse traders.. because you can read it but you have to set in the TRADE. and that my friend you do in your mind.

I personally stoped being in the markets for making money.. of course I want to make money but that’s not my drive anymore. I WANT TO BECOME A CONSISTENT WINNING TRADER.

That is a whole different mindset because it allows me to lose and to make faults in trading.. If I put in 100 trades and I only win 30 but when I win I win 3 points = 90 points.

And if I lose 70 but I lose only 1 point = 70 points I still WIN 20 points..


The chart;

At the end everything will be ok. But it comes down to if you are a DAYTRADER, SWINGTRADER OR INVESTOR.. For the daytraders I expect the price to fall back little and retest support before moving up.

Just watch the other 2 bear traps.. High probability it will happen again. READ WELL I don’t say it will happen, but there is a high probability.

For swing trading I would wait before buying in..

Investor –> DCA / Dollar cost averaging…

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