BTC.D- Underpressure’s Coming 4′ ALT’s for CRYPTOCAP:BTC.D by BitcoinAffection

BTC .D has been having wild swings ever since it found what can be said a considerable bottom, putting a stop from all the plunge it experienced for months in row leaving room for alts to breath and explode tremendously high in price action putting New All Time Highs one after another.
Times that put ETH at 4K,
BNB at 700$, ADA to 2.5$
DOT-LINK-DOT 45-50$ and so on and so forth .
Times when Doge as a ponzi scheme it is went mainstream and world wide due to Elon Musk , who has lost his credibility upon cryptocurrency denying Bitcoin and approaching the ponzi of Doge, influencing the market.
Now it’s time for Bitcoin ATTENTION while the market is speculated for Bitcoin to fall as low as 24K or testing 2017’s All Time High of 20.000$ [which is unlikely since Bitcoin never tested on it’s data and price history the last ATH after Halving occured and continuation of searching NEW ATH begins for BTC .
BTC .D is slowly grinding up and hustling for better days, breathing fresh clean air when money is being more concentrated into buying and accumulating more Bitcoin , indicating that ALT’s were underpressure weeks prior than today and are still in the same spot for a chance decreasing in price action as long as BTC .D continues on the trend putting Higher Highs and Lower Lows.
Beware, because you never know how cheap an Alternative Coin is before dealing with it without observing the markets.


The ‘price labels’ are milestones for BTC .D place on fibb circles.

They are the objective as support and resistance zone for the movement of bars and also as pivotal points for huge movement, either downtrend or uptrend.

I anticipate for BTC .D to stay within the good zones of Pitchfork [Greens & blues} but I’have also added reference zones for future candles on how things will play out.


Note that this is not financial advice.

We are here just to make it clearer and give our own perpsectives.

Congratulation to those whom participated on one of BTC .D’s ideas and took huge gains.

Don’t rush into trades, there is plenty of them.

Wait for the perfect time to press BUY and SELL, do not over do it unless you are a leverage gambler, or junkie :P

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