BTC to 29k for KUCOIN:BTCUSDT by lyingdogfacedponysoldier

Posting for educational purposes. IF I believe that price will be going to 29,7k range, then where would the next short exist?
A – Most greedy 4hr frontside hold level. This is a potential ladder point to continue distribution.
B – The Greedy backside / frontside combo level carries a more risk but its more likely to be filled if setting a trade here. could take with less leverage.
C – the strong level, I’m expecting this level to be respected and have a strong reaction off of this level. If a strong reaction does not happen, then a greedier hold level is being targeted deeper in the range (e.g. – option A or B.)
D – a FS hold level with less polarity than the other options. Fun area to scalp for the day and see what it could turn into. If this level fails to hold the move down, options A-C can be considered.

Over time, I think C0tt0nC4ndy’s theory will play out in the orange triangle shaded area. Those floating trend lines will have actually been created, too. If Price action de-cycles through effects of time, paired with the “if, then” statements built from the expectations of the science and theory, then, price should target these levels and respect or break trends in this area until the local trends formed are broken until it reaches the global and legacy trends to test/break their delineation cycles.

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