Capitulation! Bitcoin Buy #2 filled. for INDEX:BTCUSD by MrRenev

Bitcoin bagholders and gamblers are running for the exits again.
All are selling at the same time and the price collapsed very fast.

Not much new to say. Let’s look once again at past examples. A few pictures are worth a few thousand words.

Capitulation of “the bull market is back”, the price was down 40% in a single day

We can put the 1 hour charts side to side:

Next, more recently we can look at the big red candle that eliminated the last 2018-2019 permabull survivors.

September 2017

The last big bear market

At best a mega rally, at worst 1 year to exit the position with a small win? Yes please. Why would this time be different?


You wished you bought at $200.

I don’t know what this is, but the selling again is very very fast as opposed to the buying & bagholding

Even 2011…

Each time of course the volume peaked, no point showing it, sometimes a bit sometimes a lot.

It’s a miracle! Kraken is responding I was able to buy.

You might want to wait for the big green reversal candle before buying, or buy some now, and buy more with the green candle.

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