The Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) has been in a correction mode since August 16th, when it hit resistance at around 57.50. It hit the support line on Friday last week formed from the beginning of the year with Doji candle, and experts expect the market reaction today. Today’s response is not late, as the action bounced off the support line with a solid green bar, with investors hoping for a new peak. Even though the stock is testing above the line, combined with the fact that oscillators detect downside momentum, experts nevertheless adopt a neutral stance.
Now, in order to get confidence that the uptrend has regained fuel, investors would like to see a recovery above 57.00, around August 16th. This could initially target the highs of July 21st and 27th, at 57.55, the break of which would take the stock into territories last tested in March 2020. The next resistance may be around February 2022, which if it doesn’t hold, could pave the way towards the peak of 60$ per share.
Shifting attention to short-term oscillators, we see that the RSI lies below 40 and points downward, while the MACD runs below both its zero and trigger lines, pointing down as well.

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