Course I talk to myself because sometimes I need expert advice for COINBASE:BTCUSD by Mayfair_Ventures

In all seriousness, Retail are starting to feel unsure of the current situation & for a professional trader, this is by design. So nothing unusual.

I have posted several articles going back from the Rocket call as to why we needed this correction. Press play on the idea, you will see it hit the key level much faster than expected. But the point is the levels have been respectful and this equals professional money or in Wyckoff-ology it’s strong hands playing the game.

I had put together a roadmap for the Elliott count on Bitcoin – this goes back to the 26th of March.

See the date – you will see the logic combined with the Wyckoff schematic, which many people believed to be Accumulation, they had missed one key candle – thus making all of the difference.

How it started vs how’s it going…

I posted about the education of Wyckoff level one and two basics.

And part 2;

Also in the related ideas below.


What you have to realise is that Composite man (smart money, institutional investors, banks) or whatever you want to call it. All know what key levels they see as value areas, many retail traders fool themselves with indicators (often different indicators, saying the same thing) Everyone is a Genius in a Bull market as Cuban said.

As bugs would say “My Level Of Sarcasm Depends On Your Level Of Stupidity”

But retail are doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. There’s a clue in there somewhere…

“I know this defies the law of gravity , but I never studied law!”

But how about some logic? I recently posted in some of the streams, the Weis count and timeframe – for a summary view, what do you make of this?

Now – how about the times?

Now given (4) in Elliott terms is often the most drawn out process – why do we think it’s going to turn-around and shoot up today in a few days?

“Jumpin’ without a parachute? Kinda dangerous, ain’t it?”

Stay safe & sensible if your trying to trade these moves currently, simply apply a little logic.


This idea does not constitute as financial advice. It is for educational purposes only, our principle trader has over 20 years’ experience in stocks, ETF’s, and Forex. Hence each trade setup might have different hold times, entry or exit conditions, and will vary from the post/idea shared here. You can use the information from this post to make your own trading plan for the instrument discussed. Trading carries a risk; a high percentage of retail traders lose money. Please keep this in mind when entering any trade. Stay safe.

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