Dominic Cummings swaps Barnard Castle for the blockchain

Ahh, celebrity life. It’s so transient. One minute you’re all over the front pages, and the next you’re ousted from Downing Street and fresh out of tales about the prime minister’s girlfriend’s expensive taste in wallpaper.

How to stay relevant?

Well the answer surely, is obvious:

That’s right. The only copy of a crucial “historical document” from the government’s Covid decision-making processes is in our Dom’s hands and he wants to stick it on the blockchain as an NFT. He can’t actually put the document itself on the blockchain, of course, and selling government documents might not be wholly compliant with various rules and regulations even if it is for charity, but a meaningless digital record of ownership? Sure! Whack it on.

Are any tech companies seeing his cool tweets? Wen tech job?

We already knew Dom was into science and data and blogging and all that cool stuff — he also wanted to get a load of “weirdos and misfits with odd skills” into the civil service, you might recall. But now he really has proven his credentials as a veritable member of the tech set. A part of the SPAC pack, if you will. Big Player in the blockchain game.

Wen CummingsCoin?

*Pre-pixel update:
We were just about to publish this post but then Dom deleted the above tweet and added this follow-up:

Obviously he is giving it to the committee guys and it wasn’t meant to be an and/or poll it was meant to be one of those polls when it’s like: one/both — you know those ones? 🤔 So no, this would just be a digital string of 1s and 0s that purports to represent the document that he wants to sell for charity, not the document itself. Perfectly and accidentally summing up the fallacy of “digital scarcity” in a single tweet. Thanks Dom.

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