DXY (Dollar Index) | The best spot to fall🔥 for TVC:DXY by mahdisoltaninjad

Hello traders, Dollar Index in Daily Timeframe ,In the dollar index , as you can see in the chart, wave c is formed in larger time.
Wave c has probably completed waves 1, 2, and 3 itself, and we are now forming wave 4 or wave 5.
Wave 4 is formed as a flat and over a very long period of time. In our opinion, this flat is in its last wave, wave c .
We examined wave c in four hours and it is not possible to say exactly whether this wave is completed or not.
In wave c of wave 4 felt:
We will have three possibilities to move
Wave 4 is not composed of wave c and after descending to the middle lines of the channel, it completes and starts wave 5.
In the second case, wave c is complete and can continue down to the bottom of the channel.
And the third possibility of wave 4 of wave c is already completed and microwave 5 of wave c is forming.
We divided the channel based on Fibos and now the trend is at 0.88 Fibos and in case of upward failure the third probability is confirmed.
Otherwise, the decline continues to the middle lines, and if you react to these lines and change the trend, the first probability will be confirmed.
In case of complete failure of these downward lines, the second possibility will be confirmed.
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