DXY theory for TVC:DXY by RyanYoung87

My first Idea, a theory as with it as you will. higher time frame shows price action in the process of the left shoulder of head and shoulders pattern(as every short idea will let you know but can be seen on daily chart ) . once price breaks out of wedge the short term direction will be clear(although more room for the downside than upside).. if miracles happen and it completes the head and shoulders with the explosion of price( bearish ) means a long position on quite a few forex pairs and commodities would be favourable. naturally the way you play this depends on your strategy, if you are cautious and reactive wait for the scenario to play out then make your move( bearish price movement below wedge should peak your interest) or predictive/pro-active if you are feeling risky and getting in/off of left shoulders is your thing then do it. im posting this on a friday so i expect some dollar bullishness when the market closes as i am currently seeing that while typing this, so wallstreet and market makers can give themselves hi 5s and pats on the back whilst chanting in unison “U.S.A!” for as they enter the weekend so they can enjoy their weekends as mortals do before they turn back into sharks when the market opens.

some additional info if you need it would be wise to use dxy as a confirmation for your trades, if you love trading gold as I do..if the dollar is weak then buying gold is a sure fire way to gain some net(profits). dollar strength or weakness makes many pairs strong or weak regardless of whether the usd is used in the trade or not due to America being a greater influence on the world other than their currency being the biggest baddie in the entire prison. if you are purely a technical trader then analyzing the dollar would be closest you get to fundamentals as possible, if you have some favourite forex pairs take some time to see how it reacts to the price action of the dollar. the most notable pairs that i take note of is gbpusd , usdjpy and usdcad as they love moving with the dollar


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