ENJ/USDT 4h simple analysis in 4th/May for BINANCE:ENJUSDT by Bot_Muto

Hi, crypto traders.

ENJ is in a sideways market but close to go into downtrend.

Because BTC suddenly went down, ENJ also followed it…

The negative candle broke 240h (green) line, but it bounced from my target: 2.37USD.

If the price continues to go down and breaks 2.35USD, the trend will change to a downtrend.

=TODAY’s Check Points=

– The negative candle will break 2.35USD?

– The candle changes to positive and will break 80h (blue) line?

After JumpNet releasing for all creators and collectors, I hope the price will jump up!

=TODAY’s Target Price=
ENJ goes up:

1st target: 2.65USD (cross point with 80h line)

2nd target: 2.87USD

3rd target: 3.27USD

ENJ goes down:

1st target: 2.35USD

2nd target: 1.92USD

3rd target: 1.70USD

Enjoy your trading.

#Event schedule

xxx/2021: NFT. io launch (

xxx: Efinity launch

#Latest blog/news

How NFTs Bring Realness to Virtual Card Games

#ENJIN Wallet


ENJIN ( ENJ ) is next-gen NFTs.

Products that make it easy for individuals, businesses, and brands to use non-fungible tokens of the future.

You can check ENJIN from the following link.



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