What is EOS?

EOS is one of the most powerful blockchain platforms for decentralized applications. It is similar to the del platform but faster, more scalable, and allows users to create decentralized applications more efficiently. Currently, it is among the top 20 most valued blockchain tokens on the market.

The EOS. IO platform has been developed by a private company, block. one , and will allow millions of transactions per second to be processed through horizontal escalation, making older ecosystems, such as Ethereum , look like a personal computer from the 80s with extremely limited computing capabilities, its design gives the possibility of using decentralized applications such as dApps and creating smart contracts. In addition, its operation eliminates many of the transaction costs that affect operations on the most common platforms.

EOS. IO officially became open source software on June 1, 2018, laying the foundation for programmers to exploit the potential of the EOS coin. To begin its massification, a total of one billion EOS tokens were distributed on the Ethereum blockchain in a period of 341 days using a smart contract. This led to $ 4 billion in funding being raised, before the platform was even launched.

On the other hand, EOS token holders act as shareholders of traditional listed companies. In this way, holders can cast votes and participate in the governance of the blockchain, in proportion to their actions.

It is for this reason that financial analysts around the world proclaim EOS as the future of distribution companies and the blockchain.

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Analysis Tecnichal

EOS indicators are turning bullish , it’s early morning here so I won’t be able to say much.

Personally, I believe that the RSI will make a decline due to a pullback attempt by the bears, which will not turn out well. And they will end up losing.

On the 1d chart, the MACD is trying to go higher, and this can be seen on the chart with the rise in support testing today.

Something similar happens to XTZ, 8 bearish candlestick patterns, 8 bullish , 1 bearish and this could indicate a Candle Pattern Bullisk Mitick, which could go higher in testing of the 20 and 50 day moving average that are quite close.

In pair BTC is touching its lowest minimum which could indicate that it can go to search for the maximum currently, and this sounds consistent with the lateralization of BTC currently.

In summary, the EOS indicators paint bullish , possible objective in a short time $ 10, in the long term we could go to look for $ 20, My leverage would be a position at 7 usdt with 5x in Futures . And a maximum capital to power of 5% and Isolated, if the bulls manage to keep the price above the 20-day moving average could indicate a possible bullish to 10 dollars.

Sorry that the analysis is short, it is that it is early morning and I wanted to warn before;)

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