Ethereum Price and Pandemics for BINANCE:ETHUSD by MrDamage-

While we may still have a fair bit of ‘pandemic’ yet to suffer, I feel confident enough now to say that I think the end is in sight. I begin to wonder just what effects the new post-pandemic world will have on the cryptocurrency markets, and more specifically, Ethereum .

The daily chart depicting Ethereum’s history with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted obviously indicates that global pandemics are GREAT for eth! But what about afterwards? It would be great if I could check out additional historical records, but of course, there aren’t any; crypto is less than a decade old. This is crypto’s first pandemic.

Fortunately, the more mainstream asset classes like equities (stocks), bonds (fixed-income securities), cash or marketable securities, and commodities have been around for centuries and have seen many pandemics.

I consulted the oracle (the search bar in my browser) and asked, ‘stock markets global pandemic’. The oracle had much to say! Foremost, I am not the only one wondering this very thing. I checked out a lot of great articles and some that were not so great. I learned a lot and a couple of things standout.

First, the markets are perpetually affected by ‘things’ in the world and those ‘things’ are perpetually changing. The pandemic will fade into the past and the markets will move on to find new and exciting things to freak out about.

Also, the next time there is a savage price crash as the result of a worldwide pandemic, better buy in! If history is any indicator, that is. COVID-19 was very good to Eth!

I like to read deeply into things to learn as much as I can but I know not everyone is into that. If you’re curious about this topic too but just want the highlights, check out this article at Investopedia:…

It lists a brief summary of all the major pandemics and the effects they had on the markets.

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