EURCAD short is valid 👇👍 for FX:EURCAD by DarrenHill

EURCAD short is valid 👇👍

EURCAD short is valid 👇👍 for FX:EURCAD by DarrenHill

We are using our trend following EDGE strategy for this trade.

Trade has been live since 5:30 UK time.

Entry details are shown on the chart.

Working the M30 time frame on this strategy.

We’re only looking for TP3.

Last trade can also been seen on chart which was a successful long.

Trade history can be seen below this trade idea too for full transparency.


I try and share as many ideas as I can as and when I have time. My trades are automated so I am not sat in front of a screen daily.

Jumping on random trade ideas ‘willy-nilly’ on Trading View trying to find that one trade that you can retire from is not a sustainable way to trade. You might get lucky, but it will always end one way.


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The stats for this pair are shown below too.

Thank you.

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