GBPUSD (reference identifying the lowest volume of the cluster)* for OANDA:GBPUSD by dee718

I think you can zoom in and look at these individually.

The last point of the last chart was to drive the attention to the highest volume of the day and the lowest and what the resulting price action is.

The arrows are pointing to the optimal VSA entry area. Usually it is preferred to use the 5 or 15 minute to pinpoint the entry, which would be in the vicinity the apex of the wave (annotated with corresponding arrows). In real time you would just drop down to the 5/15 and wait for the signal.

The goal in practice and while backtesting is to learn how to identify this spot. Yes, its learnable. As a matter of fact i think most people cold have it fairly well understood in 3-6 months but will you have the discipline and emotions under control at that point? Thats the hard part. This is actually the easy part IMO.

Sources of education:

Richard Wyckoff

Tom Williams Volume spread analysis VSA / Master the Markets

Pete Faders VSA*

Read the ticker dot com

Wyckoff analytics



Dee Nixon

Avoid buying into weakness/supply/resistance

Avoid selling into strength/demand/support

Avoid entry when price is in middle of a range (phase B)

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