HEX Projected to $3 During PulseChain Sacrifice Phase for UNISWAP:HEXUSDC by imaginarychaos42069

1. Twelve months of price consolidation from $0.006 level if you ignore volatility .

2. Large bag holders completely liquidated for 5 consecutive months.

3. Hex price hasn’t done much in 2021 during a massive crypto bull run.

4. People know the true hex in circulation owned by users which is far more scarce than previously imagined.

5. Adoption Amplifier doesn’t exist anymore to absorb buy pressure.

6. Ultra low liquidity so minimal economic energy required to push price up.

7. Inflation capped at 3.69% annually and only realized when users end stake.

8. People sacrificing liquid hex for pulse which permanently guarantees that those tokens cannot be dumped on the market since money is flowing into centralized ownership.

9. People buying more hex with cash or converting shitcoins to sacrifice hex which drives the price up.

10. Immense amount of FOMO for those who missed early entry into hex.

11. Majority of liability addresses have equal balances (previous vs available) which may suggest zero selling activity.

12. Large whales ready on the sidelines to step into market to buy more hex exclusively reserved for sacrifice.

13. Many will buy more hex and keep liquid or stake because they get a duplicate copy on PulseChain.

14. The monthly and weekly charts for hex/ USDC have consecutive green heiken ashi candles which indicates a clear change in trend.

15. Price currently ready to form a new all time high yet again.

16. Constant hex livestreams which promote hex and PulseChain launch will drive the price up through the dissemination of reliable information and hype.

17. The cost of t-shares projected to reach near the value of one Bitcoin after a 100x move.

18. Hex only needs about $200 million of buy pressure, plus the money required to absorb sell pressure along the way, to reach $30.

19. Incredible marketing efforts by RH and the Hex community which creates a high virality factor.

20. A 10x move puts hex in top 3 on which creates more buy pressure since more exposure.

21. Hex/Eth pair at the bottom which is so alluring to smart money that only cares about growing their Eth stack.

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