How To Set Up A Trade On Hour Chart for OANDA:AUDJPY by Anbat

If you have a $5,000 account (USD currency)- want to trade Aud/Jpy currency with a 2% risk, what do you do? You need to know trade size on all pairs and pip value, so you can set stop loss, entry order and take profit/exit order- per your trading strategy and risk management tolerance.

1) go to Forex pip calculator online

2) Aud/Jpy current value of a pip Value of standard lot (units 100,000) is $900.45< yes, that is right!! What they are saying is every pip the AJ pair moves on a standard size is a $900 USD move (Crazy) Can you trade this lot size? NO. How about Micro Lot (units 1,000)? yes, pip value is $9.00.

3) On one hour AJ pair example chart, there are three noted trades: two bullish (1st and 3rd) and one bearish (2nd).

4) If you catch all three trades with by placing a 1: 4 Risk/Reward setup on them. What does that mean? (stop loss is around $100 per trade, related to 2% of account if you have $5,000 USD)- As your account gets higher, lets say $100,000 USD or more, even 1% would work- but to each their own)

5) Your stop loss is over entry of any bearish trades or under entry of any bullish trades by 10 pips or ($90.00 of risk) to make 40 pips or ($360.00)- possible on all three noted trades on chart. If you would have hit all three trades just right, you would have been in the money after two days around $1,000 USD with only risking 2% of your account. This is how the turtle beat the hare in Forex trading race- slowly but surely. If you trade micro lot of 500 units, you could have a larger 20 pip stop stop (around $100) and 40 pip targets would with a pip value of $4.50 instead (trade conservatively until confidence grows)

Put yourself in best position for success in Forex trading: Before any new trades know where to put stop, entry and profit orders. After your trade is active just let it play out, because the market is out of your hands at that point. Note keep in mind: right pair, right price, right session & right time.

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