IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good morning! I love watching you guys intently scanning your screens as the show opens. 🙂 🙂 2 days in a row I can’t name that tune Junior Brown sings “I Hung It Up” to Chris – so who on the IBD Live Team should be singing this song? Who was the trouble maker, that hung it up?? Jonathan Howard is usually the problem child. Loving the music choice as normal Chris has been educating me on many musicians, surely. Today, Junior Brown! Hatman Dave Good morning everone. great music, I’m going to guess Chris is the DJ. Correct! Sold GOOGL into earnings. Do I get back in here after earnings? Mark, we are noticing a 3 weeks tight actually formed, as seen on the weekly chart, and MS notes it too. 2,306.22 pivot. You could re-buy near this entry; 5% buy zone from this entry goes up to 2,421.53. Hatman Dave — ‘Morning! Morning Blaine! Chris – do you think we could ever get Bill or Scott O’neil as a guest host on IBD Live – just a thought – that would be a real treat for all of us loyal followers. We’ve thought about it. Highly unlikely, unfortunately. Hatman CG: hearing this you might like Cafe R&B. They’re local to you. Singer does a version of Phonecall from Leavenworth that gives me a chll every time. I’ll check them out. Gooood Mornnnning IBD Liiiive! Good Morning, Shane! Love the energy this a.m. love the music variety. Would like your comments on how the capital gains from last years’ buys might be influencing the current weakness in tech. Aloha, Mike! Given that we’re more than a year after the coronavirus market crash’s low on March 23, 2020, so no doubt many people on Wall Street are mindful of that. Just like what Irusha said, how the megacap techs handle the earnings season
is one key to knowing what institutions are thinking about possibly taking long-term capital gains, no? Cheers, Hatman Dave — This song wreaks of Chris Gessel! You know your hosts! Irusha in the House!!!! Glad he’s on our show today!!! “Good morning, Friends! How do you feel about SNAP reversing and opening lower?” Hi Joseph! Good morning. Down 4% so far this week; it would be better if SNAP were to hold above or near the 10-week MA at this point, since it seems a handle is trying to form on its cup. Right now, the 14% correction within the handle is
a bit on the deep side. Hatman Dave — Curious your thoughts on USO and XLE Certainly an area of strength. Energy has outpaced tech by a decent margin since the Nov. 4 follow-through day. Good morning from Chicago and happy Wednesday to all! This is going to be another fascinating day for the markets . . . let’s have some fun! Hi Peter! Good morning to you, and Chris and team wish to thank you very much for the Big Fat Cookie treats! We’ve shared them in the newsroom. Really Chicago style! Big and tasty sweets, we greatly appreciate it! Hatman Dave With Ali off camera – we know the answered QA count will be high today! Good Morning ! 😀 Ha! We shall see… NOW-earnings earnings tonight Yes indeed. We are going to maintain, I believe, a half-size position in ServiceNow on Leaderboard. Also in the Long-Term Leaders list. and On the 4/22 IBD Live, I think it was Justin that described using ATR for estimating volatility around earnings. Is using this the same as using implied volatility as discussed yesterday? Could this be covered on Live or in an article again? No. I was saying the ATR gives you a sense of movement in the stock in general. It’s looking back at historic price movement. Implied volatility is looking forward to the expected move. Check out this article from yesterday. Good morning, is there a way to keep the Q&A scrolling in an expanded view. The default is we have to scroll down for the latest question and then need to manually expand to see the answer? Aziz — this is so weird! In the answered section, I don’t have to manually expand to see the answer… has it always been like that for you? Can we discuss SNAP? There seems to be a tug of war in high volume live answered Can someone comment on CCIV (Lucid)? Hi Darrell, Churchill Capital has been in the news a lot, lately, eh? Institutional Investor just published a feature on this SPAC firm. As a Tesla shareholder, I am trying to read a lot about Lucid as a potential competitor. This stock had made a round trip after a huge run; let’s see how a new base forms. Hope this helps — Hatman Dave Possible Poll Question: Rule of thumb for adding an LTL. I’m thinking good chart (in BZ if possible), 3-5% above 10 week and just after earnings. Also go right in for half pos and no need to scale in. Do I have this right? Hey Blaine! Yes, you have this right. We go with 5% positions and want them to be close to their 50-day lines. Pullbacks are typically better than breakouts for LTLs Ken is great at the news. Good to see Irusha! Excellent team on today. Ken really is. Glad to have Irusha back, too. Thanks Anthony. Ken…the Walter Cronkite of market news…..Jeff N That’s a really nice comment. Dear Editors: Jason Thompson’s strategy for handling earnings reports using implied volatility on yesterday’s IBD Live deserves an article. If one already exists please point me to it so I can share it with others. We were thinking the same thing. Coincidentally, this options article came out yesterday that gives you an idea. Dismaying to read yesterday’s IBD Tipp poll on taxes. Unfortunate so many believe in punishing merit and others foolishly believe raising corp tax does anything more than lower wages and raise prices and drive corporatins away from the US.
Economic illiteracy and constant lies propagated by the MSM no help. How sad for the greatest nation ever. Appreciate the comment. PINS? What are your thoughts on this drastic reaction to good numbers? Users missed some estimates – user outlook definitely weak. Investors have been betting on strong growth continuing going forward. to Team – VZIO (Vizio Holding Corp) is approaching a buy zone of the IPO base from 26.00 to 27.30; closed Tues at 24.76 live answered Why does MarketSmith Often lag and run slowly? We are working behind the scenes to make improvements to this! IBD Live truly is live! 🙂 Indeed it is Ali – you need to take over hosting …LOL LOL well tech issues can happen to anyone! Glad we’re back on track now “Good Morning! please cover ZIM and ABNB. Thank you” ZIM volatile from day to day but in strong uptrend. ABNB still stuck below 50-day and hitting resistance at 21-day. I will miss Irusha. Don’t forget he will be a frequent guest. is this a signal to short ZM ? haha! MSFT revenge on Chris, I guess. Ha! Biden’s tax plan has Chris’s computer frozen in fear. Ha ha! Where can I sign up for that webinar Irusha? Hey Shane! SNAP reacting to the senior note offering? I assume it’s selling off on PINS, which is plunging on user growth concerns. AMD – not holding 1st 5 min bar Right you are — this is definitely why we utilize those intraday charts on earnings moves! how about showing a movie We should have one setup just in case. SNAP pls live answered Ali saves the day! I tried!! Shout out to @ali, you rock boo! lol Ha, happy to help! Any news on SNAP? Crazy it keeps falling after great earnings. Is it Google earnings related? PINS related very likely. Ali, can you ask Irusha to go over the regression line anchor dates? live answered i tried to put in the regression lines in discussion yesterday but the directions in FAQ are a bit confusing – do you have screenshots of this or can you walk thru? I’ll try to do a screen recording this week that demonstrates how to set it up! Thoughts on WSM? Acting great, Phil, after the breakaway gap past 151.26. Still extended. I’m watching it closely so that we have a chance to add to our half-size position on Leaderboard. Maybe it’ll be a test of the 10-week MA? Hope this helps, Hatman Dave If I see a stock moving up after EPS report during after market, should I buy? Or wait till next day market open? Often the stock has moved up a lot by then. Thank you We wait until the regular session and look at an intraday chart. AMD is an example of a stock moving big in premarket trade, but fading shortly after the open. I’m sure the team will discuss! GNRC? Hi Kathy, GNRC remains on Leaderboard and the base building continues ahead of tomorrow’s qtrly results. As long as it stays sticky near the 50-day MA at this point, I’d stay bullish. Hope this helps, Dave Earnings have been a complete blow out so far. This market doesnt feel like irrational exhuberance. Everyday the anaylst are taking up earnings estimates for the S&P. That’s true, John. I agree. Hatman pins today 🙁 live answered Would you add to GOOGL today? live answered PINS live answered TWTR ? Base on PINS earning TWTR might be falling on PINS, yes. Do you have any comment on what is happening at APAM? Thank you. APAM beat views. Don’t know why stock is down, but this can happen after earnings. GNRC ?? Hi Sandy, pls see my answer on Generac. Dave Why did SwingTrader take Google off yesterday? live answered Alli when you have time can u give us those dates onNina, Jeremy.etc.or tell us how o find them Hey Margery! On the podcast landing page at, we have an audio player with all episodes embedded. Here are the episode numbers for the ROBO Global people: 109, 87, 68, 59 SHOP? Getting above 50-day line. I suppose you could take an early position – though the 1,250 short-term high might act as resistance. why are yall saying you kept googl when on swing trader you sold the last 1/3 position yesterday We did hold it on Leaderboard. We took it off SwingTrader because we don’t hold through earnings. But in our alert we said you could hold it as a position trade. GOOGL’s RS rating <80 makes it not CAN-SLIMMY. In evaluating stocks, how do you decide which factors to ignore and when? Google’s RS line – which is more timely – is at record high. The RS Rating reflects stock’s performance vs. all stocks in past 12 months (which some added weight to last 3 months.) Love to look at ETH if you get a chance. Good eye, thanks Sid! This is def a nice breakout, but with earnings tomorrow, I wonder what the reaction will be. RH, HOME, W, WSM, M all acting strong; this is a positive for Ethan Allen. Since earnings and sales were so down hard in Q1
of 2020, we should be expecting a huge increase this quarter around. Nice RS line action here. Hope this helps. Cheers, Hatman Dave Please post Justin’s explanation Here’s the article from Gavin about implied volatility: Also TPX has done very well for me for a long time. Might want to look at that stock also Don’t want to sleep on this stock! TPX right at buy point, earnings Thu. who wrote the article on coinbase and when was it published? please Here! Justin &Ken, where is that story? what is the market maker move?….I must have missed that day. We went into yesterday. 85% of the straddle gives you an expected move based on option premium. SNAP: Added to swingtrader. Is it time to sell ? We’re giving it a little room right now. They announced offering of convertible senior debt and PINS earnings may be weighing it down today. Can you please re-look at Ali’s pick from yesterday PAYPAL. Also, what happened to SNAP? Thank you. live answered Justin, don’t forget you can see Implied Vol on the trade tab of TOS. In the upper right corner of the time frame which you are viewing. Expected Move is next to Impleid Vol. This can be seen for each time period list on the trade tab. live answered Take a look at the margin debt! Wow I know in the past we’ve said that the comparison of March 2020 to March 2021 has a lot to do with the coronavirus crash, not that many people on margin in March 2020. But maybe the team can provide some updated commentary! LTLs? Long-term leaders: Irusha, may be with your great timing, you should reconsider porfolio management! Just kidding! I wish you the best in your new position, but please visit IBDLive on a regular basis. Your input is very valuable. Thanks Payam. I will be around. Love it when Irusha describes his heart-burn trades! Usually because more than half the time I’ve made the same ones… I call them my Homer Simpson Trades – D’OH! I have way too many of them! Snap announcement was yesterday, not today I stand corrected! Thank you, I saw multiple reports dated this morning but you are right it looks like it was announced the day before. I’ll try to jump in and make that correction verbally. SNAP acted reasonably well Tue. to the convertible debt news. Seems to be falling on PINS. Good morning Team! TXG, please! Keeps flirting with a breakout, just below buy point now. But earnings are in a week. VZIO breakout live answered Can these second offerings be done anytime out of blue moon ? No rules on this? Example of SNAP this week, I’m sure there are some rules … but they basically come at any time. They often come after earnings. VZIO b/o live answered Paypal is MOVING! Up a bit – in a handle – earnings in a week. Irusha, your VZIO is breaking out… live answered SHOP breaking out, can we add here above $1250 Reclaiming 50-day line and topping 1250 seems like a valid early entry to me. VIZO breaking out live answered I have noticed tesla has turned around Found 50-day line support soon after the open and now higher. Good action. Good Morning! Good morning, Debra! Is APAM actionable Falling further below buy point on earnings. Finding 50-day support but I’d like to see APAM back above buy point. SHOP live answered Could you take a look at SHOP? live answered SHOP is breaking out ! live answered SHOP is breaking out live answered Thoughts on SHOP live answered VZIO breaks IPO base. any thoughts? live answered IRUSHA — Your TV — VZIO — Just TURNED ON! +7.35% live answered great thanx .You are a peach Any time! 🙂 VZIO making a nice move today live answered ‘@Ed Does that make it a Facelift ? Heh. Poll Question: How many listeners have 100 shares of GOOGl? That’s an interesting concept for a poll Q! I’ll talk to the team about how we might incorporate these kinds of questions moving forward, Diana! Thanks 🙂 Chris: you were going to start talking about OIL stocks, then Dave interupted you. Please do so, earnings are coming up for CVX and XOM. thank you! live answered Playboy anyone? PLBY this extended? I’d feel exposed. What would you do with MSFT if you have a good cushion, hold or sell? I’m looking to see how it acts around the 21-day for starters Should the very weak Group rank (155) make cautious in SHOP ? Enterprise software has been sitting out this rally – software in general has been. Is it ready to come back? MSFT, I thought that was a good report? I think it was. I saw some reports suggesting that Azure cloud computing growth, while strong, was only in line. MSFT has done very well in recent weeks, so perhaps a little profit taking. Hi can you talk about SSTK? I’m a bit confused by this lately. Thank you. Bad reaction to earnings. Beat views. Don’t know why SSTK is down. But what matters is that it is. Hi Ally, here’s a suggestion for Poll: Marketsmith alarm management, why all alarms are never reset on presented charts. For example right now 473 alarms presents. Hi there, thanks so much for submitting this! I feel like a MarketSmith product coach would be able to assist you here — you can email [email protected] 🙂 GUSh Jinx! what’s diff in XLE and XOP? XOP is more specific to the exploration and production of oil and gas. Are Leaderboard stocks and Long term leader stocks the same? If not, then what’s the difference? Thx Mike K They are different! Here’s our Leaderboard FAQ page: and here’s our page with details on Long-Term Leaders: Ali, to expand on Aziz’s comment, yes. We have always had to manually expand the answered questions. And often are sent back to the beginning to search for newly answered questions with a an earlier timestamp. Hope that makes sense, lol. Wow this sounds like such a pain. I assumed the participant view was the same as the panelist view for the answered section! Since this is Zoom’s software platform, they are in control of the user interface rather than us. But we can suggest
to our Zoom rep that improvements are needed! NUE: Nucor reported strong earnings and provided good guidance. Good steady price movement, with increasing volume. Can you start and/or add to a position here? You could probably start a position. NUE has an 82.86 buy point from a 4-weeks-tight pattern that could turn into a flat base. Ed, “PLBY this extended? I’d feel exposed.” Well played, well played!! One of the things I miss most about being in the office is the Ed commentary. GNRC now below 10 wk. Earnings tomorrow. Why down? I don’t know. 342.38 would be a handle entry if it moves up on earnings. Hello everyone, please comment (again) as to how many days before earnings should a Swing Trader approach normally avoid a stock. Our last trade on FCX was a week before earnings but we’ve traded it before and know it can make a decent move in that time. I’d say that’s about as tight as we get. Wait, you called it. I owe you a coke! Lol Irusha: Are you worried about surprise news about the acquisition situation? I’m always worried Richard. Thank you, Ali! Happy to help! VZIO – IPO breakout? Yep. Discussed earlier. Airlines will be reporting soon including BA. If we have time a review ahead of earnings would be instructional. Thank you BA – you mean Boeing? Wider than expected loss. Boeing falls back below 50-day line. A lot of airlines already reported. Any comments today as to how to play this afternoon upcoming Fed announcement? Fed meeting is probably a nonevent. No moves of course and probably no talk of future moves – or even hints of talks of futures moves. your input on STLD, please? thanks Holding nicely after Monday’s breakout from tight pattern Does it look like MRNA will finish up this cup or maybe start forming a handle because of todays pull back? Maybe it’ll form a handle – but it’s only 1 hour into that handle! I WANT ALL IRUSHA ALL THE TIME! IRUSHATRADER FTW thanks! you definitely don’t want that though. lol. Ali – yes, its always been like this on my PC. Wasn’t like this on my iMAC This is good info. I’m on a Mac so maybe that’s part of the issue. We’ll look into this! Possible Poll question (?): How much consideration should we give to insider buying as a buy indicator for us? Saving this for a future poll, thanks Jim! how to buy in after hours? should I set a limit price to buy or market price? After hours buying usually requires limit orders. AMD the opposite, Gap up and selling off on blowout qtr Interesting action Rob. Let’s see how the weekly action plays out? MRVI is forming sloppy handle with higher volume each day. Any thoughts? I think you nailed it. It’s a sloppy handle, which you can sort of excuse as a newish IPO. Looks interesting, but it’s likely to be volatile. is wsm actionable here? Brian, we’re looking for a new buy point for Leaderboard, for sure. Please ask Irusha to adjust his mike, he is hard to hear. Voice is much softer than everyone else. Hey George! I let Irusha know and he said he’d look at his audio settings 🙂 “Irusha, would you please increase your volume when speaking? Have a rain storm going on and your voice is sort of softer than the others Thanks So glad to see you on IBD Live. Miss your knowledge!” I passed this along to Irusha and he said he’d play around with his aduio settings! Thanks, Tish Future Pole question. What are the teams top 5 highest conviction stocks that they actually have meaningful positions in? Thanks for submitting! Great stuff on the pre market price and volume action on short time frame candles! I see, when this scenario plays out, that there can be big profit taking at the open. Best to sit and wait to see how price reacts within the first 15 minutes plus at least. If the first 5-minute bar is strong, you can strike then if you have the conviction — but can also potentially wait for it to take out the highs from those first few minutes, too! Is copper stronger vs steel! It’s def more tensile! 🙂 ABNB seems to be moving up – over $180 Thanks. Still basing. A rebound back above the 10-week moving average would be bullish! FCX for copper? live answered SCCO have their main operations in Peru, and now we are in some trouble with a socialistcommunist leading candidate for the second round of the presidential elections Thank you Luis, a good point! I’ve noticed a lot of media coverage lately on this hotly contested election. Dave Why not FCX it looks better? live answered I pay attention to the Sponsorship rating, how important is it in your decision making ? It’s not a make-or-break for us. We like seeing funds in the IBD Mutual Fund Index as well as an increase in fund ownership. You can find that by opening the right panel in MarketSmith. For example, spon rating for FCX is a C but seeing substantial
increase in fund ownership over the last few quarters and fidelity contrafund, JPMorgan large cap both have positions Nice call on the support week, David. I just read a great article last night on the IBD Live FAQ page last night to learn more about them! Great! 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind comment. Vale, while you are talking mining Looking great – but extended. What do you think of using IPAY here to participate in the SQ and PYPL moves without the imminent earnings risk and volatility? Not a bad choice. It’s got a lot of Visa and MA – but those stocks are doing well right now. how to turn on extended hours in TOS Try this: What do you think about AZEK with 2 weeks to earnings and 5 IBD funds? It’s acting well, in a buy zone. Rival TREX also in a buy zone. how about FXC for copper C live answered CPNG, any thoughts? Trading near lows. Needs to show some positive action before looking interesting. HZNP passing the buy point Edging past high, but earnings are in a week. you guys are cutting out today Uh oh; hopefully we won’t have these issues tomorrow, Phil HZNP breaking out live answered HZNP breaking out live answered Hi Ken, quick note: coming from a brazilian the pronunciation for VALE is Vah-lee. We sometimes forget. David tries to keep us on our toes. The company name is pronounced Vah-lee …. but the *ticker* sounds like “VALE” 🙂 it could be on my end Sorry to hear, Phil. Sounds clear on my end! MOS — Earnings in 5 days. Yes, I wonder if they will be a blowout quarter, Peter? Ali, I’m on a PC. It would be great if the answered questions show in the they are answered instead of the order they were posted by the us attendees. I love that you guys go back and pick up unanswered questions as you have time. But, it’s
easy for us to miss those. I know these are probably Zoom issues. Appreciate that you run these to ground. Thanks! Yes, totally get that this is a pain. We’ll make some suggestions to the Zoom folks! HZNP just broke over flat base live answered Ed, are you still holding RH? Its been such a strong mover! Sold out a few months ago. I got a small gain ultimately. If it’d held I probably would have bottom-ticked when it momentarily fell back to prior base on March 5. CF – actionable where MOS is extended? Both have earnings coming up. MS chart recognition also now showing Stage 1 base for IPI, another David Ryan mention After that huge bottoming base! and HZNP breaking out in low volume – can we review live answered its better now Good to hear Did you talk about LB stock GNRC which is a buy zone with earnings coming up????? live answered GNRC — Struggling the day B4 earnings. live answered Ken, HZNP is that wedging? The action since 4/20 has that look, doesn’t it? GNRC sell off before earnings before _-4% sell off live answered CCS has earning today Good point, Jorge; we don’t have much of a paper gain in Leaderboard; but DHI, NVR, PHM not acting badly after their latest qtrly results. Dave $ABNB is gaining ground over $180 Phil, pls check out this new IBD story on Airbnb — Hey Dave, nice job today Appreciate it, Phil! MSFT battling at 21-day EMA Indeed. DIA only down 100 and MSFT and BA down big is a good sign Visa, CVX helped how about CAMT – earnings today, strong price action Answered live DAVID — I suspect MOS’ earning will be excellent . . . It’s not going to surprise me if the leaders in NOV/DEC are about ready to lead again. Good to know! Thank you David for the link You’re welcome Hatman look at your preferred TV maker SONY? This one has fallen off my personal radar, but now that I see it, and it used to be “SNE” ticker, let’s see if a vivid-looking base forms! Cheers, Dave Have a great Hump Day, ya’ll. Thanks again Cheers! Thanks for being on Chris. Hope you enjoyed the show!

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