“its a trap…” for CRYPTOCAP:BTC by HustleGrindMomentum

if you have not already_ it might be time to take dem profits ya all esp esp if ur play’n in the alt market…. just be ready to move quick… btc n eth will laullllll us to sleep n when ur moms boyfriend is yealn at you to show him how to buy more BTC it is def time to sell n get ready for a re buy. “buy the rumor sell the news” because if your not careful n like most everyone else this is when btc n eth will do something unexpected… we think we will most likely see sideway with more retail getting in there esp in DeFi until leverage and long positions_contracts get lopsided. it was not that long ago 900 million got liquidated in 30 mins or so when btc ran to hi 40k’s.

other scenario we see is a possible fake out break out above or rite at n above 50k or just enough ventures to keep options lopsided and plus 50k. ideally this is what we see so alts can rock n roll but wither way just be ready to move quick.

funds or institutional money is what began, drove n is now fanning this run as retail takes stronger hands we think there will be some type of defi fudd and same time btc ne th boom esp btc drop n REKT 500 plus million in option markets. Many believe that this institional money is a bullish sign but we believe this is just a sprinkle to bag hold top ten to top 20 market cap projects and deep ones like DeFi alts esp decentralized type lending projects DYOR but here is a strat. coin gecko etc has categories and compare modes that can get u in the rite direction quickly. always go to the website, twitter , discord n or telagram. check out the linkedin if public info and what projects this team has been behind. if all add n influencers ya know the drill. anyway good luck ya ll n here is some notes to work with but for that new coinbase institutional fund survey breakdown def check this video out. he kills it goofy as h3ll but as always on point… love this cat

coin b vid_…

General crypto Market info_

news aggregator/crypto news feed n more_

all things crypto market announcements etc calendar_

wallet tracker_

Eth wei_gas tracker_

dex’s we use:

1inch snx uniswap



fantom/ YFI aave mkr aave comp defi in general u cant miss

Voyager vgx

Bch e cash

Thore chain n rune token

Ada occ launch pad n more

Ada n cel link up

Reddit L2 bridge whats the stock token etc etc how does it work how much can u make how does that work


Injective protocol

Security tokens like z cash

Whats this meme stonner cat nft with ashton Kutcher mily who ever n vitalek butarian

Xrp payment network rumors n huge blocks being bought n put in place kinda gotta spend those bag holders profits with all this sec trouble they doing well tho n that dream team legal squad they got is setting new precadents




Lina dmst_this project was a fav n took on more than they could handle, got the gg10x or whatever platform or domain held hostage a lead dev took his monies n bounced n project dumped hardddd. they r rebranding re launching n =on BSC lol they def need to handle their og HODLers or it will catch up to them for sure then again who knows.. run rabbit run

…n other video games is it just hype see enj axi all TLM all that

Social media platforms like theta brave n aave launching twitter for them what else

Uniswap mentions for v3 like uma compound snx of course n who else again

Cross chain gonna be big like badger n keber or even enjin wallet etc enj mana n projects that stay “with it”

Open sea saw (yet again n even more) huge increase in use n traffic need to sell n build nft’s land whatever

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