Last chance to get on board $HNT before the next bull run? for BINANCE:HNTUSDT by OrganicFX

What are your thoughts? Is this the last chance to get on board $HNT before the next bull run?

We’ve been tracking this pair very closely for quite some time, since hearing about it through the Helium mining craze that is taking off throughout the world.

Haven’t heard of Helium? Just do a quick google search and you’ll see what I mean.

I love this crypto token because it’s got real-world value, intrinsic value, this is what sets apart an Asset from everything else. Customers can’t use the Helium network for their IoT devices unless they’ve got HNT to pay for it, every time they do the token gets “burned” so therefore this token should appreciate in value for the foreseeable future.

If you have an interest in learning how you can be part of The People’s network and mine Helium for yourself feel free to DM me.

After an over 5000% rise since launch HNT has proceeded to correct and find its equilibrium levels.

It was one of the strongest performers during the recent crypto sell-off, not only holding its value, but going on to make All-time-highs shortly after, whilst BTC and most of the other crypto’s were still in a downtrend.

I’ve noticed that every time it comes back into around that 10-12 level it gets bought up big time.

Now we’ve seen that again with 3 sets of bullish candlestick reversal patterns, each one making a higher low.

Looks like it’s forming a nice solid base for the next Bull run to me.

Will be interesting to see what happens next.

Cheers and trade safe


Disclaimer: no crystal ball, could be completely wrong, definitely not advice, DYOR

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