MarketPulse for TVC:SPX by HermanBrummer

Hi Guys,

The table below shows the % move of each ticker for the last 2 days

Energy has been dropping

The VXX has spiked, which means higher uncertainty/ volatility

The Four Markets Chart

This shows how the Large Caps, VS the Medium Caps VS the Small Caps has been doing

Not Small caps indicator turned red on Jul 1st already

It takes usually time for the large caps and medium caps to wake up to underlying weakness — have seen this a million times

The market is still close to its expected trading bands, but we need to see how it moves from here

MarketLeaders Chart

This chart shows the biggest US stocks

The table shows if the stocks are above or below their 20 MA’s

Four are now below their MAs

They were quite extended with high % percentage values away from their MA’s, so, we’ve been expecting a pullback

The MarketLeaders Ribbon shows how all of these tickers combined have been doing compared to their MA’s — it is still green BUT

since the tech sector has been overcooked, we’re still expecting a further full-back

Tech Market Expentacy Chart
Here you can see why Tech has been overcooked for a couple of days now
I’m hoping for a further pullback so we can get some better prices

The Four Market Chart
Here we can see that the small caps have been stalling for a while
Sideways action is good and healthy, but it’s been going on for a bit too long and should have pushed up from the July 1st levels, but have not
Weakness in the Russel 2000 is often followed by weakness in midcaps and then in large caps which results in the market pullbacks/consolidations

The Sector Support Chart

Shows normalized relative performance of each sector

Utilities have kept up well

Consumer Disc dropped quite a bit

International Indices VS US Large CAPS chart

Here we can see that the Nikkey and Hang Seng have been choppy for a while
DAX and ASX indicators turned red yesterday

In Summary

  • I’m hoping that tech pulls back further, need better prices, and rebound from there to be a healthy market
  • US market Caps also need to cool off and push down a bit, but APPL has earnings soon, so we’ll have to see how it goes
  • I’m monitoring ASX , DAX , Hang Seng and Nikkei futures during the day to see if there are any early turnarounds

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