#MOVR/USDT 314% + Potential Profit! for BINANCE:MOVRUSDT by Cryptorphic

Welcome to this quick Trade Setup.

Our Last few performances:-

BTC: Called the dump target to the dollar ✅

Next BTC Target of 21k HIT ✅

SUSHI Pumped:- 26% in a day ✅

USDT on Track ✅

PYR is up 10% and still on track ✅

AR on track ✅

SHIB on Track ✅

LTC 210% profit, 21% on Spot ✅

To verify, go through my last 10 charts 😃

Follow me for more! Now let’s get to the chart!

MOVR has been trading in a downtrend since we hit the high in Nov 2021.

The risk is way too low compared to the reward.

My strategy is to accumulate between $9.12 to $12 with a Target of 200% to 300% in the mid-term.

The ATH is $505 so $50 Target is very decent IMO with the SL we have considered.

The Bottom is around $8.97

So, SL is very low but the target is very lucrative.

Reason for uptrend:- Break above 21 EMA , multiple indicators pointing. towards a possible pump.

Consider adding some to your portfolio.

ENTRY:- $.9.12 to $12.20 Add partially







Stop Loss:- $8.69

*Not Financial advice.


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Thank you


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