NEO Did Well In Market Correction 😈 for BINANCE:NEOBTC by ArshiaZojaji

Today the market experienced a sudden correction that made most of amateur traders so nervous!!! But do not panic folks I believe this one was made by whales movements and market makers plans. As the result we could see a lot of capitals were liquidated due to this correction!!! This trap is for those kind of traders that gamble on high leverages and this is unfortunately what the got from the market..
But let’s take a look at Neo in this red bloody market in short-term:
NEO did react really well.. It’s buyers moved really strong that made NEO strongly broke it’s flag channel upwards so we can expect higher targets for NEO in short-term.
As you can see on the chart I specified first target around 0.002. This target is the result of 1 Fib extension and flag pole target that have overlap..
Second one is the 0.0022 area that is the result of 1.272 Fib extension and long-term resistance area’s overlap..

What is your point of view or analysis on NEO/ BTC in short-term, I like you to share it in the comment section for me, so we can share our knowledge together.

And, As always, feel free to ask any question about this chart in comment section, I will happily answer you :)

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