New Upgrade to [MTF Order Block Finder] for COINBASE:ETHUSD by EmpiricalFX

Thank you all for the support on my most recent indicator – MTF Order Block Finder

I’m happy to announce a new update with new default settings, added features requested by traders, and a new setting to make MTF Order Block analysis significantly less frustrating!
Check out the indicator page for more details if you’ve never used the tool :)

Release Notes: Settings changes, feature requests, and upgrades!

1. New default values for settings

– Min. Percent move for valid OB (0.25% -> 0.3%)

– Max Bullish Zones to show (2 -> 4)

– Max Bearish Zones to show (2 -> 4)

– Ignore Dojis at Start (disabled -> enabled)

2. Requested Features

Bullish / Bearish Zone color – set your own color and transparency instead of choosing from presets

– Line Widths for High/Low and Avg- set your own line width when using the LINE drawing style

3. Upgrades
Order Block Draw Distance

Often times when using an Intraday chart and drawing MTF Order Blocks, you’ll see

your candles shrink and compress – this can be very annoying, especially on TradingView mobile.

TradingView automatically resizes the chart to keep ALL drawings within view and unfortunately,

there are no chart settings to “ignore” drawings that aren’t relevant to current price.

Now you can set a Draw Distance by percent (%) change to hide Order Blocks that are

very distant from current price.

Using this setting has several benefits:

– MTF Order Block zones plot much faster (less objects for TV to draw)

– Allows you to have many Order Blocks (more than the default of 4) and only show most relevant

– Overall less frustration! No need to take your chart off “Auto” and resize it manually

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