Pulse of an Asset via Fibonacci: Chapter 7: the Mighty 2.618 for COINBASE:BTCUSD by EuroMotif

Chapter 7: “the Mighty 2.168: like a Rook in Chess”

“Impulse” is a surge that creates “Ripples”, like a pebble into water.

Each of the Ripples has precise bounds defined by the “Golden Ratio”.

Price will often ricochet, creating a “Ping” that one can almost HEAR.

The 2.618 is a Special ratio, 1.618 x 1.618, as the Golden Ratio Squared.

It is like a Rook in Chess: Strong, Steadfast, and Dangerous at a Distance.

If a wave is to be sustainable, then it must have a very strong 2.618 core.


This is “Chapter 7” of my ongoing “Book” detailing my methodology.

The first six chapters are linked below, best to start with #1 and #2.

I will use this Chapter to collect example of the Might 2.618 in action.

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1: Introduction and numerous Examples.
Chapter 2: Detailed Samples and multiple Impulses.
Chapter 3: The Dreaded 9.618: Murderer of Moves.
Chapter 4: Impulse Redux: Return to the Birth Place.
Chapter 5: Golden Growth: Nature’s Perfect Expansion.
Chapter 6: Give me a ping Vasili, ‘one’ Ping only please.



Ordered Chaos

every Wave is born from Impulse, like a Pebble into Water.

every Pebble bears its own Ripples, gilded of Ratio Golden.

every Ripple behaves as its forerunner, setting the Pulse.

each line Gains its Gravity .

each line Tried and Tested.

each line Poised to Reflect.

every Asset Class behaves this way.

every Time Frame displays its ripples.

every Brain Chord rings these rhythms.

He who Understands will be Humble.

He who Grasps will observe the Order.

He who Ignores will behold only Chaos.

Ordered Chaos


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