short NQ 13165 for CME_MINI:NQ1! by AgathahoertdieSignale

short NQ 13165

I was asked by a Tradingview moderator to give more meaningful description in my trading ideas. And to give more reasoning behind it so everyone can understand it.

So where do I start? First of all sorry for my bad English, I am from Germany.

I generate the signals using an interdisciplinary approach. A signal usually consists of several sub-signals, some of which are quantitative and some qualitative. An example of a qualitative approach is what I call Welliott Ave. It is the inverse of a naive Elliott Wave approach. Another example is the Maximum Perversum approach. You have probably noticed that the daily news does not always justify the magnitude of swings in the markets. Instead, there are big swings that reach to puke levels or beyond, only to reverse while puking. This is the product of various influencing factors such as big fishes, crowd psychology etc. An example of a quantitative approach is recurring patterns in time, price or volume . Some of the approaches I have programmed years ago and today I do not understand myself why a signal arises just now.

These different sub-signals are combined in a kind of Nutzwertanalyse, don’t know the english translation. When a signal arises, my computer makes a typical noise and my dog named Agatha starts to bark, growl, yelp etc.. Then I am mostly amazed that a signal arises here and now and ask Agatha “Have you seen my glasses? Can you tell me why this signal is generated here and now?” Agatha then looks mostly very intelligent and clever but really sense making answers from a contentwise point of view she has not given yet. Sometimes I post a signal on the Internet, for the US futures market maybe zukünftig here on Tradingview.

The advantage of publishing for me is greater discipline. When I’m just talking to Agatha we sometimes make silly trading mistakes. By publishing we focus on high probability signals and don’t trade the noise in between.

As far as I interpret this current signal build up we have seen an Ausweitung of daily ranges in the last couple of weeks. Especially in the tech stocks the Hauptantriebsrichtung switched to short. Within this Hauptantriebsrichtung we saw a correction that failed, a puke move south, a puke move north, today a maximum perversum move in european markets before the us opening that leaves everybody speechless and now a sharp correction that is able to confuse the beforehand clear situation. A bit simplified that is enough for a short signal. Agatha agrees on that.

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