Speed Analysis Indicates a Year without Much Growth for NYSE:TSM by mmon84

TSM is an excellent stock when it comes to the fundamentals of the company, yet, it has experienced a major slowdown recently. Analyzing the speed of the growth based on the latest two major bullish trends, the COVID-19 trend and the one before it, one can identify the median range where we stand right now. The Fibonnaci Speed Fan analysis also takes into consideration the exponential growth starting this year and uptil the GameStop squeeze, showing that it was in the normal, albeit high-end range of operation of the COVID-19 trend. Since the highest point was hit in February, now gravity is pulling us back towards the pre-COVID19 levels, and not only the pre-GameStopSqueeze ones.

There’s another major factor at play here: the Chinese market. Comparison with GLOBALPRIME:CHINA50 , as indicated in the chart, shows that TSM is faring better than, while being heavily influenced by, the market condition in China. Given my analysis before regarding the Chinese market, I believe we are now in the normal pre-COVID 19 range of operation and we are not witnessing a bear for now.

For TSM , I don’t see a bear either given the company’s excellent profile. However, the stock price is not yet in the pre-COVID19 range, as it’s stuck in the median trend. This should change given the lack of momentum. My estimation of a price target is around 130 for April next year, when the current flattening meets the pre-COVID19 trend line ..

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