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The Hash Corporation has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network

The Hash Corporation focuses on the production of cannabis-based hashish and other premium cannabis products. Using the adaption of old-world traditions, the company aims to safely deliver authentic hashish experiences crafted to modern standards and regulations.

The Hash Corporation works with licensed cultivators to craft authentic, traditional Hashish products and experiences focusing on quality and innovation in regulated markets. The company provides an array of hashish and cannabis-focused services, including separation, finishing, breeding and innovative product development. Its expert blend of traditional and modern processing techniques creates premium hashish and resin products that create unique and nostalgic experiences for its customers.

The Hash Corporation: High Profitability, Low Cost Cannabis Production Model | INN


The Hash Corporation’s Company Highlights

  • The Hash Corporation is a Canadian cannabis company focused on producing and selling cannabis-based hashish and other premium cannabis products. It is dedicated to creating a unique nostalgic experience that consumers can resonate with.
  • The company has existing white-label partnerships and is projected to generate revenue in 2021. These partners include Pixel Dreams, Maratek, Black Rose Organics, High North Laboratories and First Republic Capital.
  • The Hash Corporation is currently in discussion with US partners to enter the California market with its branded products. Future expansion plans point to potential international distribution in emerging markets around the world. Shifts in legal frameworks present tremendous expansion potential.
  • The company’s leadership comprises industry experts with a proven track record of management successes aligned with shareholders and stakeholder interests. This passionate management team has deep roots in the cannabis space and leverage world-class expertise on the market.
  • The Hash Corporation anticipates public listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange in early 2021. Solid capital structuring and a recently completed non-brokered private placement present good cash positioning for development and financial growth.

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