The Only XRP Technical Analysis You Need for BITFINEX:XRPUSD by christophbanks

Like what I predicted in my past few TA’s, crypto and the stock market is trending towards the downside both in respect to other markets (bonds) and the FED’s sentiment ( inflation ). BUT, as bearish I’ve been with my past TA’s and things unfolding to the downside, I want to give a quick update and share what the next moves could be. Remember this is not a financial advice.

I’m still leaning towards BTC going down to 12-24k, but with how things are unfolding, I’m beginning to think there will be a set up for both bull and bear trap before going down to the indicated targets. I would not be surprised if we get a rally towards 40-50k before heading down to 24k. I would assume both exchanges and whales will attempt to liquidate both long and short positions. According to my BTC chart and my stock market charts, I’m expecting to see one more leg up for BTC before going to the downside. So be careful if you’re thinking about having a short or long position. In the past, whales have been able to manipulate the market and increase the price by 20-30% in a matter of hours, and bring it down as quickly too. In the past Tether printed more USDT and bough bitcoin with it, few days later Tesla and Elon announced that they’re buying bitcoin which prompted a rally towards the 60k btc . I’ve been tracking both whale wallets and different crypto exchange movements, and they have been printing more USDC and USDT, while also injecting more coins in these crypto exchanges. Be very careful.


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