This Historical FRACTAL Could Mean BITCOINs BLAST Is NEAR!!! for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by VincePrince

Hello Community,

Welcome to this new analysis of Bitcoin from the weekly timeframe perspective. As mentioned in my recent analysis of Bitcoin from a more Near-Term-Perspective Bitcoin is at a crucial turning point as it shows a Descending-Channel from where a breakout either to the upside or further development in the channel is indicated. As I watched the bigger timeframe now I saw that Bitcoin from the weekly timeframe perspective is actually about to develop a major fractal which already formed three times in a row in Bitcoins past therefore this is a sign worthwhile looking at because if this fractal completes again a paramount Bitcoin Expansion can be waiting around the corner.

When looking at my chart we can watch there this main fractal consists of three main phases named A, B, and C. In phase A an Accumulation-Triangle is formed marked in orange in my chart, in this phase first bounces to the upside indicating that Bitcoin is ready for a bigger move and a potential breakout above the 15-EMA. In phase B the final breakout above the 15-EMA happens with Bitcoin settling above the EMA indicating Bitcoin is ready to move further. In phase C the actual Bull-Expansion emerges with major Volatility-Spreads and Bitcoin continues with huge volatilities till new Cycle-Peaks are reached. Since the bear market ended in 2018 this fractal has been completed three times.

When looking at this whole structure what is also a primary determining factor here is the fact that Bitcoin is testing this Primary Trend-Ascending-Trendline again marked in blue in my chart. This trendline is so important because Bitcoin already bounced there several times in the past and always had the ability to show up with the fractal after the successful bounce off this trendline. This means now that when Bitcoin manages to bounce in this trendline again this has a high likelihood possibility to be the cornerstone of a new fractal and the initiation of phase A of this fractal as it showed up in the past. Of course, it is necessary to await the final confirmations here which are an Accumulation-Triangle and a final breakout above the central 15-EMA.

In this manner, thank you everybody for watching, Let’s move forward together.

The information provided is only educational and should not be used to take action in the markets.

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