TLM 12h Bottom or not bottom, that is the question… for BINANCE:TLMUSDT by P_S_trade

Trilium ( TLM ) is Alien Worlds’ own metaverse utility token, with which players can shop and upgrade items, take part in quests and battles, and do other game-related activities.

The history of the coin’s trading is not very long, however, in recent days, trading volumes have increased, which may indicate that the price has reached its bottom earlier.

Now we should expect confirmation of this assumption. Now the price of TLMUSDT has begun its downward correction, but if it was a bottom, then buyers should not let the price go below $0.073-0.080. If so, it will be a cool long buying area with the prospect growth up to $0.19 to start with.

If buyers do not hold back the invasion of sellers, and the price drops below $0.070, then the price is likely to go even lower, looking for an equilibrium value that will satisfy buyers and sellers. Suppose that in this case, the bottom will begin to ram in the area of ​​$0.030.

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