VETUSDTPERP – A potential to hit $0.5 level by mid June for BINANCE:VETUSDTPERP by ijustcoin

Hi, iJustCoiners

We are in a long term bull-trend. Which means we will have a higher lows for a long period of time.

If this current low at $0.14 is the bottom we may consider it as a higher low compare to previous $0.13 level.

What price levels we should expect if we reverse upwards from here ?

– Using FIB extension levels and pitchfork i expect 3 price zones pointed on a chart with colored boxes.

– We may go as high as $0.5 which is 1.618 FIB level. This is also an upper diagonal of a long term pithfork channel.

– The whole move up might take up to 50 days. And if everything goes as expected it might be a 200% move upwards.

My trading algo:

Step 1. Get the signal

We already got the buy signal from Blue LSMA on the 6H and 12H

Step 2. Confirmation.

We are about to get the buy setup

Buy Set up:

⦁ 6H Energy > 50

⦁ 12H Energy = 50

⦁ 1D energy > 30 or at least curved up

2.1 Calculate potential exit zones(+)

1. $0.28 – $0.31

2. $0.32 – $0.35

3. $0.41 – $0.50

2.2 Draw on the chart the time period you’re planning to be in the trade(+)

May 18th – June 18th

Steps to be done:

Step 3. Execute the trade

I’ve pointed a time period from May 17th till May 18th for my potential buy execution. I will execute the trade using 90M chart.

3.1 Increase your position on the way up

I’ll use 90M chart to buy more

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