WAR on SCIB and Indicator explained for MYX:SCIB by JerrydeTrader


There are 3 self-baked indicator, and 4 ema lines.
Basically the 4 ema lines is to help us to confirm a buying place and trend analysis.

The 3 indicators were back-tested for over 400 charts and not based on any traditional indicators such as rsi , macd .

The first self-baked indicator is the buy-sell labeled indicator, which showing a high chance of short term high and low. It is best for the short term trader to buy and sell.

Second indicator also a self made oscillator, which trying to show possible short term high and low.

Last indicator is my first ever swing indicators with swing trend candle, banker, and also swing oscillator.

Successful trade on Scib Next time will discuss on fail trade case study.

How I trade Scib? I am not mentioning Bonus issues, as it involve some calculation, although it did increase my earning. But I just chart wise explain.

I am not buying on march because the market was not stable yet that time. Instead, I bought it on May where the BUY signal appear due to it has rallied from march bottom, A possible high low.

Next I just hold my ticket, and I am not selling on the first 2 sell-label signal next. Why? Because the stock price is not rising much from where I bought, also the ema showing nice uptrend and my swing oscillator not signaling any absolute high yet, so it still have chance to rally higher.

For those who miss the rally, I always suggest them to buy near EMA 50 (based on counter) , if there is banker bar appear , this further signaling a strong BUY. Just like the one on Nov2020. On Jan , the price once again retrace to near EMA50 and most of my friend add-on their portion over there.

On the third sell signal, I sold my 10% portion, this is a weak sell signal. But I just want to secure profit and swap to other counter.

On the 4th sell signal, I sold another 20% portion, this is still not a very strong sell signal.

On the fifth sell signal, I sold 50% of my portion, as this is a very strong sell signal. WHY? Because my first indicator show sell signal, then there is high bias from ema , second indicator signaling a possible short term high and most importantly my third indicator signaling absolute high over here and also swing trend candle is overbought.

Again on the next day, it once again signaling absolute high over there, and I sold my remaining portion around 2.4 there.

Conclusion : My final average selling price is around 1.95 ( chart wise explained not including BI), I still miss the last 50% rally from RM2-RM3. But never mind, we left the rest for other people to earn.

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