Waves 3D Manipulative coin to be traded with carefully for WHITEBIT:WAVESUSDT by P_S_trade

Let’s consider the global chart of the WAVESUSDT trading pair on a 3-day time frame.

We can see that a harmonious growth trend was forming on the chart from mid-2020 to the end of 2021.

Further, the entire crypto market began a logical correction after a stable 1.5-2 year growth trend.

And then the interesting began.

If you remember, from the end of February to March 2021 the crypto market gradually began to recover and grow, after a painful fall in January.

But the WAVESUSD price is almost the only one, it did not grow smoothly, but very sharply and aggressively, in the “pump-style”.

See for yourself, +700% in a month.

Then many news sites and “experts” associated the rapid growth with launching a fund to support projects on the WAVES blockchain, and with signing powerful collaborations, etc.

In a word, they created an ideal marketing and news background so that naive small money would buy Waves, because tomorrow it will be more expensive.

And when the mission was accomplished: WAVESUSDT price was updated ATH, all possible stops of short-sellers were disrupted and large trading volumes were created in which an abnormal number of coins could be sold imperceptibly to the masses – Waves price began to fall.

At first, it looked like a banal growth correction, but no level stopped the fall.

Further, on Twitter , someone from Acc with a large audience accused the management of Waves of manipulation of information and pump price (and looking at the graph, everything looks like that). WAVESUSDT price poured down even more and faster.

The overall result of the decline is -93.5% from the high… and the stop of the decline is around the level of $4. 40 .

If we were asked now: are you ready to buy Waves in one of your trading strategies, in one of your trading portfolios, the answer would be unequivocal – no.

Increasingly weaker bounces from the $4. 40 level do not inspire faith in the strength of buyers at the moment.

Only after the WAVESUSDT price is firmly fixed above $5.80 would we consider the possibility of buying and medium-term speculation.

Because as of today, there remains the danger of fixing the WAVES price below $4.40 and, accordingly, the activation of the red scenario with the final goal of $2.15-2.30


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